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Amazing Gift Ideas for Men Who Love to Play Golf

Cheryl Mascarenhas
A golf player probably already has everything that he needs for the game. What then can you gift a man who is defined by his sport. A quick run through these ideas should help you decide on the perfect gift for a golf lover.
"I get to play golf for a living. What more can you ask for―getting paid for doing what you love."
― Tiger Woods
To be a golfer, one ought to have his own golf kit, which obviously rules out any possibility for you to present him with one. Golf clubs are out of the question too. You can choose from golf specific GPS, golf organizers, personalized golf balls, and so on.
A golfer definitely won't mind stocking up on books like 'How I Play Golf' by Tiger Woods, 'Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die', and many golf-related books. An autographed golf ball, golf clothing, a golf vacation, etc., are some of the gifts that will make a golfer's eyes grow wide with excitement.

Golf Bags

While a golfer would be equipped with his own golf kit, he would certainly like a lightweight stand bag or a trendy travel bag as a gift. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and types to come up with the one which will suit your man. A leather pouch that holds golf balls will also do the trick.

Golf Balls

One gift that you can bet he won't mind receiving is a set of golf balls. You want him to remember your gift and treasure it? It's simple. Get him a gold/silver-plated golf ball set. How about an engraved golf ball on a peg, that he can show off to his friends.

Golf Collectibles

Choose from golf-themed pen stands, tissue holders, and clocks, that will sit pretty on his desk. Get his name engraved on the stand or on the pen, to make it even more personal. You might even find pens designed like a golf ball, which he might like.

Handcrafted Golf Carts

His love for sports and cars can be catered to together in this simple gift. A wooden handcrafted golf cart will do the talking for you. You can design one yourself, using a little help, to see his face light up instantly.

Golf Memorabilia

A trophy set in silver or plated in gold makes a perfect gift for the one you think deserves a trophy.
How about a globe with tiny golf courses marked on it. Now that sounds like something innovative.

Bottle Openers

This is for post-game celebrations so that he has his opportunity to chill out. Get them engraved with his name and birthday, to make an impact.

Some Other Gifts

Golf shoes

Sport jacket

Range Finders

GPS-enabled Watches

Personalized Phone/Tablet Cases


Ball Markers

Golf Club Wine Coolers

Golf Tees

☛ Golf Cleaning Kit
☛ Hydro Flask
☛ Golfer Bobble heads
☛ Monogrammed Club Links
These gift ideas should work well for all his special occasions and the holiday season. Make sure to personalize his gift, to make it even more special for him.