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Awesome Gift Ideas for Anglophiles

Mukta Gaikwad
Wondering what to gift a person who is obsessed with English culture? Here's your clue Watson. Here's an exhaustive list of things that constitute awesome gift ideas for anglophiles.
"Ask any man what nationality he would prefer to be, and ninety nine out of a hundred will tell you that they would prefer to be Englishmen."
― Cecil John Rhodes
We all know of that one person who is obsessed with a culture and cult that is not his/her own. If this one person happens to be an anglophile, then gifting him something ideal has just got a lot easier for you. The charm, mystery, and history of vintage English culture has intrigued and fascinated many.
After all, most of us have grown up on the very intelligent tales of Sherlock Holmes, playing Scotland Yard weekends after weekends, studying grand plays by William Shakespeare, and following the glamorous lives of British Royalty. But for a few, this liking for British culture leads to an obsession.
If your dear friend is someone who has a home of Union Jack accessories, drinks the proper English tea in the morning, and cannot end the day without a dessert, then here are some awesome gift ideas for your anglophile friend who will treasure these gifts just as much as the Queen treasures her crown!
English Stamps
Only a philatelist knows the importance of those torn, tattered, and salvaged old stamps. Stamps are a source of great history, depicting times they were printed in, the political conditions during that time, and geographical aspects of that country. They also have interesting stories attached to them.
However, not every philatelist collects postage stamps for a reason. Some of them just collect stamps for the fun of it, as a hobby that lasts a lifetime. If your dear anglophile friend is an ardent stamp collector, then a good collection of vintage, rare, and some limited edition stamps would be a great gift.
No women can ever have enough of clothes, especially when they are the most coveted prints and colors.
Now imagine gifting your friend a Union Jack T-shirt or a cap? This sure would make her wardrobe complete. Such prints are also available for men's clothing.
The charm of a quintessential gold-rimmed English tea set is simply irresistible.
Tea Set
There aren't many options but to fall in love with it at first sight. A traditional, elaborate tea set will not only make your anglophile friend ecstatic, but also make a value addition to his/her crockery cabinet.


Hosting a party for an anglophile? Of course, the ideal party theme is a high tea. Invite him/her over to a sophisticated high tea, with themed cupcakes and other peculiar British savories such as sandwiches and donuts.


The interesting thing about accessories is that they make a statement, even when they are minimalistic in nature.
This is also the reason why they make good gift items. Footwear, bags, earrings, necklaces, and rings with the Union Jack print are some more options under this list.
Every office-goer has some adornments on his/her work desk.
Desk Decor
These little items are sometimes motivational in nature, or mere memorabilia. This anglophile in question will treasure items such as globes, mousepads, stickers, and stationery that represents all things English. This way the gift will be put to good use, justifying its purpose.
Souvenirs are unapologetic reminders of things you have done or things that you intend to do.
They are also a tangible representation of things you wish to own, see, or experience. So, these lovely souvenir gifts are always much-appreciated by the receiver. The iconic telephone booth, toy Queen's guard, a miniature royal carriage, the revered Big Ben, and the London bus are some gift items that you could consider.
Some more options are coffee table books on British Royalty, collection of British classic movies and books, jewelry with Union Jack print, and if you are really in the mood to splurge, then book a trip to England for your dear friend.
To make the whole experience special, wrap the gift item/s in the Union Jack. This way you will give away two gifts to the receiver's surprise!