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Awesome Gift Ideas for Foodies

The best way to earn your place in someone's heart is through his stomach. The gift ideas mentioned in this story will help you take the shortest route possible.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
When one refers to a foodie, all that comes to mind is a quote by George Bernard Shaw that states,
"There is no sincerer love than the love of food."
What can you gift someone who pursues food not just to satiate his hunger but with a zeal and passion that is unmatched by any other. When it boils down to gifting them food-centric presents, the options that one is left with are plenty, which can get a bit confusing at times.
Personalized coffee mugs, exotic coffee beans, yummy food baskets etc., are some of the favorable gift ideas that you could possible present the foodie in concern. Besides, a sponsored trip to either a restaurant that serves exemplar dishes or a place that will tickle their taste buds is sure to enthrall them. As for the gift options, here are some of our best ideas.

Beer Steins

Nothing quenches thirst better than a large stein filled with chilled beer.
A ceramic or metallic stein is a perfect gift for a foodie who loves not just his food but also his drink.

Homemade Goodies

A batch of freshly baked cookies, macaroons, or a dish that is your specialty should make do for a perfect gift. Try to do something different with the presentation of the food, like making an edible sausage basket or a vegetable and fruit carving to do the talking.

Caviar Tins

Caviar tins with or without a mother of the pearl spoon is a fine gift for those who take food so seriously.
Opt for the Beluga caviar which is the rarest and the costliest in order to make it a gift worth remembering.

Pickles and Sauces

Ingredients for pasta, a variety of pickles and sauces, and other such gift baskets make wonderful gift items for couples. 
To make it even more special, pack in homemade stuff and send it across.

Sponsor a Cooking Class

If you can't think of a material gift, try giving them something they will benefit from. 
Enroll them for a cooking class, and vouch to pay either the full amount or at least a part of it. I am sure they will be thankful for such a thoughtful gift.

Discounted Food Cards

Discounted food tokens of popular food chains make fabulous gifts for those who love their food. You can decide the amount and avail for the coupon that can be redeemed by the individual.

A Cook for a Day

How about treating them to a cuisine of their choice all in the comfort of their home?
Hire a chef for a day or an evening of specialty food. You could plan the menu according to their liking or opt for the chef's renowned dishes.

Adopt a Tree or Vineyard

Adopt an olive tree or a stretch of a vineyard for a year in their name. They will then receive a gift certificate and also reap the benefits of the produce of that particular tree or vineyard. Sounds like a perfect gift for a food aficionado.

Stock Up the Fridge

For a change, stock up your friend's fridge with quick eats. You can rope in other friends to prepare a variety of dishes that can last him/her for a week. Label and store them in the fridge, making it easier to heat and eat.

Vinegar and Oil Dispensers

These two-in-one dispensers are not just fancy to look at, but also very handy in the kitchen too. A single container can hold both olive oil and vinegar, making work in the kitchen easier.

Food Baskets

Varieties of cheese, eats, and meats put together as a food basket is one of the best gifts you can give a food devotee. Chocolate and cookie baskets too are good to give away as a present for birthdays or anniversaries.

Restaurant-themed Table Mats

Table mats, coasters, and fridge magnets with dial-a-restaurant theme design act as good gifts. As a part of the gift, you can also gift restaurant menu cards to make ordering in easier.
That's not the end of gifts one can give a food lover. You can come up with your own mixed bag of ideas to present such individuals, including a classic bottle of wine. You can even gift them appliances to make their work easier. Do include a diary to mint out their own recipes, which can be jotted down for future reference.