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Harry Potter Gift Ideas Potterheads Will Love

Sheetal Mandora
For a Potterhead, there is nothing more satisfying than being showered with gifts that come straight from the Harry Potter world. With 11 awesome gift ideas for a Harry Potter fan, you won't have to think twice before making a selection.

Did You Know?

J.K. Rowling herself doesn't believe in the type of magic found in the Harry Potter books, and claims that the wizarding world is completely a work of imagination.
With seven magnificent novels, J.K. Rowling brought us a magical world that every fan wishes to be a part of; even if it is an imaginary one. And although the books and films have come to an end, our love keeps growing more and more.
So, for someone who is a proud member of Pottermania, your task to present a gift worthy enough just got simpler. Given here are a variety of gift ideas for those individuals who live, breathe, and love Harry Potter.

11 Perfect Gifts for a Potterhead

The following gifts can be given to someone on their birthday, a special anniversary, on graduation, or any other specific occasion. Basically, any kind of Harry Potter merchandise can make a great excuse to cheer someone up, on any given day.

Mobile Case

A mobile case is a high priority for many smartphone owners. Depending on the phone in question, choose a good quality case that will bring a huge smile on their face.
There are many websites and online stores that provide handmade or vintage items and supplies. This is a practical gift that every fan can't seem to have enough of.

Engraved Pendant

For our female fans, the task of shopping for a gift can be less stressful if you know what to look for.
If you just can't seem to come up with something substantial, jewelry is definitely the way to go. And for an HP fan, a silver or bronze engraved pendant hits all the marks perfectly.

Tote Bag

If you're confused as to which Hogwarts house they prefer, grab a tote bag that represents each of the houses as a gift.
Again, it's a practical gift that can hold all their 'magical' or muggle books and other items. Of course, you can find websites that let you personalize a gift item, a.k.a. tote bags; which means, you can take this opportunity to get as creative as you like with your gift.

Hand-painted Mugs

For certain mornings where only magic can get you going, these mugs can surely come in handy.
Most of these mugs are hand painted and machine washable. Every morning they grab the mug, you'll be the first person they'll think of.

Books or DVD Set

The chances of a true Potterhead not owning the box set is remote, but if they don't, choose either the books or the 8-film Blu-ray and DVD collection.
Of course, for many fans, the film adaptations can never come close to the novels, but surely, the films have a place of their own. So think as much as you can, and choose wisely.

T-shirt or Hoodie

A printed T-shirt or a hoodie is a wonderful gift that can be used more than once.
A good thing about this gift is that you can pretty much select any quote, phrase, and design from the HP series, and it'll be amazing. All you need to do is select the color of the T-shirt or hoodie, and finalize the text to be printed. Also, you can apply the same idea on tank tops, caps, and even sweatpants.

Converse or Flip Flops

If tote bags and T-shirts are too passé, how does a pair of Converse or flip flops sound?
Of course, these items will have a design, quote, or pattern printed on it to make it an official HP present. The only trouble you might face is deciding the image to print.


A little something-something to decorate your room? Harry Potter-themed cushions with chevron prints are too special to pass. With each houses' values printed on the cushions, it'll be the center of attention in the room.

Beverage Coasters

Giving beverage coasters as a gift may seem like a cliché, but it can work in certain circumstances, such as this one.
HP-inspired coasters can be great conversation starters and make for a practical gift as well. You can get coasters in different shapes and sizes with a variety of HP-inspired themes.

Laptop Skin

If gadgets (especially laptops) is what they love, then help them personalize it with their very own Harry Potter laptop skins.
Depending on the laptop model, you can easily find a suitable design that fits it perfectly. You can either choose from a wide collection online or find websites that allow you to create your own design.

Light Switch Plate

Whether it's a spell or a quote by Dumbledore, this final gift is an enlightening idea.
Not only does it put a spin on the old light switch plate, but it can also make a person feel less like a muggle. Even though we can't use magic to turn the lights on and off, well, we can surely attempt to make it seem so.
Apart from these wonderful ideas, there is another gift which you can choose to present to someone―a Harry Potter tattoo. This will depend entirely on the receiver of the gift, and of course, confirm this with him/her before you make any preparations. So plan accordingly, and think carefully about the person you're planning on giving the gift to.