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Awesome Yet Affordable Gift Ideas for Runners

Mukta Gaikwad
Running is a skill we all acquire at a very young age. However, it is only until late that we realize its importance in our lives. If you wish that your loved ones take up this healthy activity, here are some awesome yet affordable gift ideas to encourage their interest.
It was being a runner that mattered, not how fast or how far I could run. The joy was in the act of running and in the journey, not in the destination.
― John Bingham
As the world comes closer with globalization, tightening its bond with new technological inventions, it is also reeling under the pressures of odd working hours and the perils thereof. Going beyond the demanding schedule and the need to work as per different time zones is the gripping reality of lifestyle diseases.
A score of Earth members are on the brink of or are victims of lifestyle conditions; many thanks to the exponentially growing fast food chains, the numbers of which are only likely to increase.
The grim truth can only be altered with regular exercise, strict diet control, and awareness of these potential health hazards. The first suggestion is something that everyone of us needs to take up very seriously. For so long, we have sincerely underestimated the value of regular exercise.
Hence, we must begin to make a serious effort at encouraging physical exercising initiatives such as marathons, running, and such other cardio exercises. If you know a nascent runner who is running to save his or her life in the longer run, here are a few awesome yet affordable gift ideas that you can give to support their effort.

Skipping Rope

Before one begins any kind of exercise, it is important to do a few warm-up exercises. A good warm-up readies the muscles to work out and increases the heart rate to do some intensive activity.
For runners, skipping is the best form of warm-up exercise. It prepares you for the run ahead adequately. For early runners, running with the aid of a skipping rope is also a great way of pushing yourself to reach a new milestone of running longer distances each day.
Self-affirmations are of great help when it comes to changing perspectives and attitude towards a certain task.
Motivating Posters
Help your runner friend to keep the affirmations going with motivating posters. Sometimes, determining a goal and being reminded of it at every waking moment helps in keeping the motivation to achieve it. A poster is just your answer to add fuel to your runner's fire!

Water Bottle

As the body begins to sweat, it loses salt and can cause painful cramping. Thus, it is important to keep the body hydrated for every runner. A water bottle is just the accessory that your runner friend will appreciate.
It is extremely useful and a very affordable gift idea for most runners. Look for insulated bottles to maintain the temperature of the water that the runner desires.


This is typically an accessory that especially every girl would appreciate. Girls with bangs and long hair will understand its true importance. The nuisance of having hair fall on your forehead constantly is completely taken care of with a simple headband.
Even guys with slightly longer or long hair can use this while running. A headband also helps in soaking up sweat from the sides of your forehead, thus, preventing it from trickling down your face.

Music Player

Music is a great motivation to get up each day and run that extra mile. For most runners, it sort of becomes the background score and rhythm to which they run. Some songs become the much-needed push to run faster, while some help in maintaining a good pace.
Every runner knows the importance of music while hitting the running track. So, a simple USB music player that is light in weight, easy to operate, and easier on your pocket is an ideal gift too.

Running Jacket

The weather becomes quite a dampener for every runner. The cold discourages, while the rain keeps you inside.
A simple all-weather jacket that will keep your runner warm during such times and encourage them to run either way is a good option too. Every runner must wear a jacket at all times as it maintains the body temperature.

Personalized Reward

After all that exercise and unwavering determination, one needs to be rewarded. Gift your dear runner a personalized glass, mug, or a cup that states his/her achievement.
Let this personalized reward be a reminder of what he/she set out for and where he/she is today. Simple gifts such as these make the dream worth every drop of sweat.

Running Shoes

A pair of good running shoes is a must-have for every runner. There is a school of thought that running is more therapeutic when done barefoot.
But for those who are diabetic or want to prevent an injury, running shoes are a compulsion that cannot be evaded. So, gift your runner basic joggers that fit closely but comfortably.

Day at a Spa

It is important for the body to rest too so that it can recuperate and regain its lost energy for a far more challenging task tomorrow. Gift your runner a day at a spa to relax, rejuvenate, and rewind after a hectic week of running.
Some spa time will ease out the muscle tension and help them in strengthening too.
While buying gifts, make sure that they are lightweight, easy to carry, and durable in nature. Things that satisfy these points will not only be deemed useful, but will be used too. After all, the purpose of a gift is to serve its purpose to the receiver to the fullest. So, make the most of it with these awesome yet affordable gift ideas for runners.