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Cool and Classy Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Maya Pillai
A bachelorette gift could be anything from a small bottle of luxury perfume to a gift voucher for honeymoon destination or a spa appointment. If you cannot decide on a gift, you can always contribute towards the bachelorette party.
The life of a woman changes permanently once she is married. She becomes more mature and has to handle umpteen responsibilities as well. The last few days before she gets married are the most wonderful days of her single life. She is pampered and spoiled not only by her parents and siblings but also by her near and dear friends and relatives.
In earlier times, bachelorette gifts were mostly essential household items to help the new bride and the groom set up their home. However, times have changed now. Many of the brides-to-be are career oriented women and are living on their own before their wedding.
Today, bachelorette presents focus on helping the bride herself. Bachelorette parties are arranged so that friends and relatives of the bride-to-be get together and have lots of fun teasing and pampering her. There are many amusing and memorable gifts that could be given to a bachelorette.

Bachelorette Gift Ideas

One of the most popular gifts can be fancy, fashionable lingerie. You could get the bride-to-be a set of good lingerie keeping in mind the honeymoon destination of the newly married couple.
A unique gift may be presenting a honeymoon coupon to an exotic place which offers the newly wedded couple a much-needed, refreshing getaway. Group of close friends, can contribute towards purchasing a honeymoon voucher to a place which the newly married couple doesn't feel they can afford.
A unique, personalized gift basket is an ideal gift. Fill a good wicker hamper basket with her favorite perfumes and scented essential oils, creams, body lotions, face wash, bath salts, cosmetics, etc.
If you wish to splurge, gifting her favorite spa voucher will be the most useful pre-wedding gift. She will love being pampered before the big day!
The latest trend is a wedding survival kit. You could either purchase a wedding survival kit off-the-shelf or present a customized kit. Include all items a bride-to-be would require before the D-day. For instance, if you are close to her you would know her favorite cosmetic brand.
You could buy hairspray, hairpins and clips, bathing gel, mints, deodorants, safety-pins and anything you feel would be useful for your bachelorette friend.
You can add a personal touch by gifting her with something you made yourself. For instance, if you are good at needlework, you can make her a set of embroidered table napkins or a bridal veil that would be cherished by her forever.
If you are good at making floral arrangements, make a beautiful silk bouquet or a centerpiece for her.
Presenting the bride-to-be with an album containing pictures of you together would also be a wonderful bachelorette gift. Else, you could frame one of your favorite photographs, which you had taken with the bride-to-be along with a sentimental message and your signature on the back.
There are many amazing gifts that would make a bride-to-be happy and, at times, blush. You could purchase them from an online gift shop or from any departmental store. However, it is best to plan your gift in advance and make efforts to procure the best items you can get.
After all, it's not just another party for the bachelorette - it's something very special to her and a little pre-planning and research on your part will give this event that extra touch of warmth and care.