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Unique Baptism Gifts for Boys

Shashank Nakate
The baptism gifts for boys could include a variety of present items. Apart from the traditional gift items, some of the unique ideas given here should also be tried out.
The baptism gifts have to be special and chosen with some thought for this occasion. The gifts like Bible and clothes are amongst the best items for baptism. However, there are many other options to choose from. Nowadays, people like to come up with unique ideas for presenting the baptism gifts.

Boys Baptism Gifts

Nowadays, gifts for baptism come in great variety and one can choose from many different options. One of the best Catholic baptism gifts for boys is the Bible. Important spiritual quotes and quotations inscribed on keepsakes/souvenirs are also considered as gifts suitable for baptism.


The clothes for babies have a great variety and are available in many different colors and patterns. Clothes are without any doubt the best baptism gifts for babies. Along with the clothes needed for day-to-day use, items like hats add to the variety in gifts.
There are baby T-shirts available in the market specially designed for baptism. The designs/patterns of angel-wings and other symbols which have a spiritual meaning associated with them are common.


A plaque engraved with best wishes for future life is one of the best gift items for baptism. Along with personal messages, you can have verses from the Bible engraved on these plaques.
You may also think of making these decorative plaques on your own. Commemorative plaques are made from materials like metal, wood, ceramic, etc. Choose a suitable item from these for the occasion.

Diaper Cake

A diaper is one of the indispensable items from the point of a baby's day-to-day needs. Gifting the baby boys with diapers for baptism is therefore, a good idea. However, one can also think of making the gift more interesting by creating a diaper cake.
Making a diaper cake is an alternative to gifting several packs of diapers. These diaper cakes can be decorated with the help of items like small baby toys, soft toys like teddy bears, etc. A fancy ribbon can be used to offer a final touch to the diaper cake decorations.

Gift Packs/Baskets

It is one of the best gifts that one could present on the occasion of baptism. In fact, a gift basket can be presented on many different occasions.
One should however, make sure that these baby gift baskets incorporate items that are not just decorative but of some actual use to babies. Items like diapers, blankets, bottles, etc. make for good gift pack items. The option of gift packs is amongst the preferred one in the list of baptism gifts from godparents.

Growth Charts

It is one of the most useful gifts presented to babies. The form or appearance of baby charts has changed a lot over time.
However, their usefulness or utility remains the same. Earlier, wallpaper growth charts were commonly used for gifting.
These days, personalized canvas items have gained popularity. Growth chart is one of the best baptism gifts from godmothers. These canvas growth charts are personalized by imprinting on them the name of baby boys.


Musical dolls and other toys are a typical choice for baby gifts. Such gifts should prove to be entertaining for kids. Soft toys are considered an all-time favorite for presenting the babies with nice gift items.

Shadow Box

A shadow box is a gift item used for preserving memories. Different types of decorative items can be placed in shadow boxes for displaying them in an attractive manner.

Unique Baptism Gifts

The idea of using a golf club as a baptism gift doesn't go well with people who are used to presenting traditional gift items. However, this idea of baby christening gift can be unique for the occasion.