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Baptism Gifts for Boys from Godfather

Sheetal Mandora
Before attending your godchild's baptism, you will need to buy the perfect gift for the occasion. Read this story where we give you a variety of baptism gifts for boys from godfather.
For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.
Galatians 3:27 (ESV)

A godfather takes the sponsorship of a child's baptism or christening. Of course, there are more responsibilities which last throughout the child's life.
Many godfathers wish to give their godsons gifts they can cherish for the rest of their lives. Their feelings and emotions are all wrapped up inside the gifts and it makes their relationship that much stronger. The gifts from a godfather is a token of his appreciation, for being an integral part of the ceremony and the child's development.

Baptism Gifts from Godfather

After the ceremony, you can give a small speech along with the gift you brought along. Although many stick to gifts which relate to the faith affiliation of the family, some people search for unique gifts as well. If you are planning on giving your godson a non-traditional gift, then I would suggest to check with the parents first.

Praying Bear

A cuddly bedside companion, this praying teddy bear will teach the kid to understand the meaning and importance of prayers.

Name Art Frame

This name artwork frame can either be purchased online, or made at home. Choose a Bible verse for a beautiful reminder of where we come from.

Baby Blanket Set

Give a baby blanket set to your godson before the ceremony. This way, the blanket can be used for the ceremony.

Wooden Cross Frame

A lovely gift that can either be hung from the wall, or kept on the bedside table; creating a keepsake memory of the ceremony.

Thumbprint Frame

You can make this gift at home by making thumbprints with multiple colors. Choose a white canvas and a beautiful wooden frame for the gift.

Baptism Lamb

A baptism lamb makes an inspirational, spiritual, and a practical gift for the child. If you want, you can personalize the gift by getting "God Bless" embroidered on its side.

More Godfather Baptism Gifts

Apart from the wonderful non-traditional and traditional baptism gifts from godparents mentioned above, here are a few more ideas you can choose from.

The Bible

Since a godfather plays an important role in the child's upbringing and development, a kid's Bible is the perfect gift. The godfather is also a spiritual leader for the boy and his first gift to him could be a good example of this relationship and bond. The godfather can read the Bible to him and teach many wonderful and important lessons to him.

Baptism Bracelet

A communion/baptism bracelet makes a wonderful gift. You can choose from either pearl bracelets or give it a personal touch and gift a birthstone rosary bracelet. Depending on which month the boy was born, give him the gift that he can cherish forever.

The Cross

You can choose to give a cross which can be either hung in the boy's room or be a small pendant which he can wear around his neck. If you are giving him a pendant, then choose from a gold or silver cross. As a baptism gift is supposed to last for many, many years, this can be a great gift for the boy when he grows older and understands the meaning of it.

College Fund

As we mentioned before, many godfathers are looking towards giving non-traditional, yet meaningful gifts. You too can opt for this, start a special educational fund for your godson. Till the time he enrolls in college, you would've saved a good amount for his education.

Baby Feeding Set

There are gift shops which personalize in making unique baby feeding sets. These are silver baby sets that contain silver spoon, fork, and a baby cup. You can also have a personalized message or the baby boy's name engraved on the cup along with his birth date. This is a very traditional, heartfelt gift.

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Although the story talks about baptism gifts from a godfather, any of these ideas can be used by others as well. Along with keeping the attractiveness of the gift intact, make sure that it is also useful.