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Unique Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Kashmira Lad
Need some ideas to find the perfect gift for your best friend? We've got a list of some of the best gift ideas. These will surely help you find some great options to surprise your friend.
"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature."  - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Even if you have just one best friend, it must give you the courage to face the world in your troubled times. Friends are gifts you can give yourself; they are there in any situation. So when it comes to gifts for your best friend, gift him/her nothing short of the best.
Besides, you really need to get something that he/she would adore; something that they would really want and cherish forever. The last thing you would want to do is disappoint your best friend.
Gift vouchers are a great way to let your friend choose something he/she really needs, but it does not really have a personal touch. After all, best friends are known to share almost everything about themselves with you, and this should help you know each other better and choose a perfect gift for any occasion.

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

We understand that it must all be so confusing for you. After all, you want to gift your friend something really nice that she/he will love. Need some help with that? Here is a list of some of the things that you can look into.

For Art Lovers

Is your best friend an art lover? Instead of hitting the malls and picking up something really exorbitant, why don't you browse through various websites that can give you varied options at great prices?
You can even contact the artist directly and get a specific theme painted (as per the choice of your friend). It could be a realistic work or a traditional kind or a picture frame; the artist would also be able to give valuable inputs on this one.

For Music Lovers

If your friend is an ardent music fan, then you must be aware of CDs your friend has in his/her personal collection. Compile songs that do not feature in his/her collection, classify them and give him/her music he/she would love.

For Book Lovers

If your best friend is a book lover, you can get him/her something that he/she hasn't already bought for herself. It would help if you know his/her favorite author. Look for specific sets of classics that can make a great gift as well.

For Movie Lovers

Your friend is ga-ga over movies? Perfection. Gift your friend a basket full of movies! Depending on your budget, of course. Include a wide genre of films and you're set. Even include the full collection of their favorite TV series.

Spa Treatment

Gift them a day at the spa. Can't begin to tell you how awesome it feels to be pampered like that. So refreshing and relaxing. Pick a luxurious spa or salon. It's not just the busy woman who'll love this gift, it's great for males as well.

Jewelry and Bling

If you are looking for unique best friend gifts, then birthstones can be just the right thing in such cases, though these may prove to be a little heavy on your pocket. This is one such gift that will be treasured forever.
For females, you can go in for a gold or a diamond pendant since most women are fond of jewelry. Such gifts although expensive, will be a unique gift, which would be priceless and remain with your friend for years to come. It's a way to value her charm and grace.

Book of Memories

Get a photo album and paste all your special photographs that include all the moments you spent together, with assorted snaps of her family and friends. It is a gift that would prove to be special in the long run.
Perfect gifts also depend on how well you know your friend. Be unique, creative and innovative and if you run out of pocket money, give your friend a good hug (with a gift certificate to some place.) It's the thought that counts after all!