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Best Gifts for Book Lovers

Rujuta Borkar
While nothing can beat the gift of buying a good book for a book lover, there are several other, rather interesting options that can be looked into as well. Take a look at some of the best gifts for book lovers. We're sure you won't be disappointed.
"You're never alone when you're reading a book."
― Susan Wiggs
She brought out the neatly wrapped present from behind her back, where she had been hiding it.

He - "That does not look like a book."

She - "That's because it isn't."

He - "I'd rather prefer a book, you know that."

She - "Will you just at least look at what I have here for you?"
It's tough to get a book lover to move from their comfortable world of books and urge them to try something new. Not a surprise there, and nothing really wrong with it either. Book lovers will know the exact sentiments that guide the intense, crazy urge to be reading―the feeling of smelling a new or a yellowed book and making the characters a part of life.
But then the gifts that we have listed in the following sections will tempt like no other. And the best part? They, in no way, take away from the experience of books; in fact, they get you even closer to books. If you love your books, then you're going to love what we have listed in here.

Assorted Bookmarks

If there's anything that a true book lover hates, it's folding the pages of a book and turning them into dog ears. Sacrilege.
Here's how you can nip someone's bad habit right in the bud―give them bookmarks. With soooo many options out there, how can you not be spoiled for choice?
The simple bookmarks, the colored paper bookmarks, the fancy paper ones, those that have something funny written on them, or even a popular quote from a classic. And then there are those crystal and gold-plated clips. What's more, you could even take these up as DIY projects. All in all, a great option.

Beautiful Editions of Favorite Books

Everyone has their collection of favorite books, that's a given. And they will have their personal copies too, but naturally.
So, where do you come in? You introduce them to beautiful editions of their favorite texts―hardbound, leather-smelling, thick paper, magic to touch. Heaven in their hands.

Personalized Bags

Imagine being able to carry a tote bag like this one around town? Go online, select the perfect one from the several options.
What if you don't find the bag that you like? Make one! All you do is buy a plain tote bag and then print your favorite quote or image on it.

Funky T-shirts

Talk about sporting your choice. What will aid you in this quest of taking your love for books? Clothing, clothing.
You'll find several choices for T-shirts online of course, but just like you did with the bags, you can do the same with the T-shirts too―find something that you want printed and get it printed. Tada!

Clocks and Stationery

You see this clock up there, right? Tell me which book lover would not want that for himself/herself? Anyone and everyone who is a true-blue book lover would.
You'll find more like these online. Another fun gift? Stationery that revolves around books is also a fine gift to give.

Classic Book Posters

Let's give you a really grand idea. There are certain books that make it to every book lover's 'Favorite List', and they, by extension, have a lot of sentimental value attached to them. Let's make this sentiment larger than life then―how about you get them posters of those book covers that are on their favorite list?
Several of the more popular posters are available online, but if this option does not seem to work, then you can scan the covers and give them the required effects before printing these out as posters. Simple.

Accessories and More

There is so much out there, you'll be amazed. There are rings, charm bracelets, lockets, earrings, caps, headgear ... you name it, and it's there. The world of accessories is your oyster then; all you got to do is pick and choose.


Not really something that many book lovers readily buy, have you noticed? So, why not gift them this very, very handy product? Ranging from the simple, to the really fancy and funny, there are several types of bookends that you can look into.
Know what will make things easier? Just think about the kind of person that he/she is, and the kind of bookend you should buy for them will become clearer.

Cheeky Mugs

Funny, right? This refreshing take on book lovers is just what is needed to get them out of that mold of being only the 'really serious intellectuals' and giving them a terrific sense of humor, bordering on the really cheeky. Go look online for what you like, get a plain mug and print whatever takes your fancy.

Electronic Reading Devices

Yes, yes, the debate of whether a book lover will succumb to the likes of an impersonal e-book reader is, and will always be rife. What we cannot deny, however, is that these electronic devices always keep you connected to your books.
You can carry them anywhere, they are lighter than having to carry huge volumes of your favorite works around, and they require no space. Though these could go on to become a very expensive choice, it's not always the case. You can comfortably buy one that fits in your budget.

Other Mentions

✔ Portable, clip-on light
✔ Pillow props for books
✔ Bean bags/Comfort chairs
✔ Snuggies and Slankets
So, what happens when you come across a crazy book lover the next time? You get him any of these gifts and watch him scream with absolute glee. 'Cause, now do you see? None of these gifts for book lovers take away from reading books or from having an affinity for books; in fact, they enhance the very experience―just like we said they would.
And now that we're done listing all the gifts, the important question here is, aren't you tempted to pick out just about everything on the list ... for yourself?