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Best Gifts for Cheese Lovers

Tanmay Tikekar
Picking gifts for a cheese lover can be a tricky business. Get a few helpful pointers here...

A Cheesy Christmas Cheer ...

Ornaments resembling blocks of cheese, sometimes with ceramic mice curled up in it, are popular Christmas tree decorations.
When it comes to gift ideas for people who like cheese, excluding cheese itself, cheese-related gift ideas can range from cheese-shaped accessories to cheese-flavored perfumes (incidentally, the latter is a terrible gift, don't even think about buying that).
But the problem is that most buyers, who are rarely fans of cheese, don't know any cheese-themed gift items. So, they end up buying a generic, typical gift not related to cheese, or worse, something that goes with the wrong cheese.
Personalized gifts are always better than the standard chocolates and gift cards and can make the special day a bit more special. They show the receiver that some thought has indeed gone into the present, and that it's not a desperate last-minute buy with the price tag scratched off. Here are a few gift ideas that people who like cheese would love.

Cheese Gift Basket

The most obvious gift for a cheese lover is―duh―cheese! But since the choice of cheese, like wine, is a matter of personal taste, it can be a bit tricky to buy the cheese your dear one likes the most (without asking them or raiding their fridge, obviously).
So, go for the safe option, and buy a gift basket. The recipient will obviously appreciate the unusual gift, and with the variety of cheese in the package, it is highly unlikely that they dislike all of them.
If you know what sort of cheese the cheese lover in question likes, you can create your own cheese gift basket. Find a great basket, get the perfect variety of cheese, and include some crackers and salami. Cover the foods with a transparent wrap, and decorate the basket.
Don't present a cheesy (pun intended, of course) gift card along with the basket - that's just overkill. Another variety of gift baskets is an online Cheese Of The Month Club and gift certificates to cheese shops. If you are not sure about what sort of cheese your friend likes, let them choose their own.

Tickets to Wine and Cheese Tasting

Get the cheese lover tickets to a tasting. Get 2 tickets, in case he/she wants to invite someone.
If it is your special someone, accompany him/her to a tasting. They will enjoy both the food and that you made an effort to share their interests.

Cheese Knives

The next best thing after cheese itself, is the various accessories that go with it. The foremost item on this list is a set of cheese knives. If the cheese lover in question doesn't have one, a set of cheese knives is quite the ideal gift.
Cheese knives are often derided as ostentatious and needless by those who just don't get the lure of cheese. Practically speaking, of course, you can cut cheese with a regular knife, but then you can also drink wine from a pitcher, or a teacup. Would you, though?

Books About Cheese

Not all cheese lovers are interested in cheese literature, but most would love to get their hands on something like Mastering Cheese, The Murray's Cheese Handbook, or The Cheese Plate.
This present may seem nerdy (it is, slightly, to be honest), but a true cheese lover will love it much more than the stereotypical chocolates and gift cards.

Cheese Classes

Cheese lovers will love to know more about cheese, such as how it is formed and what to (and not to) pair with it.
Many cheese lovers actually have no clue about these things and would surely love the opportunity to get to know more. Classes would also facilitate easier access to numerous cheese tastings.

Cheese Cufflinks and T-shirts

No, not like the 'house of cheese' that got Chandler so frustrated with the cheese-loving chef Monica. These are cufflinks shaped like hunks of cheese.
Cufflinks in the shape of cheese wedges are a perfectly informal way to appear formal, and t-shirts with quotes or humorous one-liners about cheese are a quirky way of showing your love for the delicious stuff.

Honeycombs, Crackers, and Jams

Honeycombs―beeswax and all―are an excellent complement to a blue cheese. If the cheese lover in question likes a strong, salty blue cheese, buy a honeycomb.
Various other condiments, such as crackers, syrups, or jams, go with particular types of cheese. Do a little research, and buy the condiment that goes with the cheese, with which it is mostly going to be eaten.


Wine is probably the trickiest present to get, if it is specifically for a cheese lover. Your favorite red may be the ideal present at any other time, but not all wines go with all types of cheese.
If you want to buy wines that go with a particular cheese, do some research. If the wine does not match the cheese, it is still a good gift if the cheese lover in question likes it on its own, but in case neither of those is true, it's just a waste of good wine. Nobody likes to see that!
Correctly picked, any of these gift ideas are an excellent choice for cheese lovers. But remember that cheese is a matter of taste, and though your friend won't show it, mismatched gifts about cheese are, to be frank, a waste.
So, if you are going to get something that goes with a particular cheese, be absolutely certain that your research is correct. Pick wisely, complement perfectly, and make sure it's not too cheesy. Happy hunting!