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Best Soccer Gifts for Men

Cheryl Mascarenhas
What do you gift a man who is passionate about soccer? Well, there are plenty of things a soccer fan will love to possess.
"Soccer isn't the same as Bach or Buddhism. But it is often more deeply felt than religion, and just as much a part of the community's fabric, a repository of traditions."
~ Franklin Foer
Pumped with maximum amount of energy and adrenaline, soccer or any sport for that matter is sure to enslave their audience and participants. So, what do you gift such men? Probably, they have all the basic essentials needed for the sport.
This doesn't mean presenting something on similar lines will be taken as an offense. On the contrary, a soccer enthusiast would gladly accept anything and everything to do with soccer.
Getting the gifts personalized is the way to bowl him over completely. You can get his favorite team/player engraved on dog tags or on a trophy. You can also get a jersey customized with his name and lucky number on it.
Besides, any soccer lover will love to receive a ticket or pass for a soccer match albeit of local teams. These are just a handful of ideas. For the others, take a look at our list below.


Which soccer player cum sports lover would be able to resist a customized arm band? Sports enthusiasts love their arm bands and headbands, and gifting them something like this is akin to scoring a perfect goal.

Captain's Band

If he is the best, he definitely deserves a tag that proclaims it to the others. Whether you are gifting it to your dad or boyfriend, a captain tag is sure to uplift their mood and yours too.

Goal Keeper's Gloves

He is big, handsome, and is the goalie? A pair of goalie gloves seems like the perfect gift for him. It is always good to keep a spare for games, don't you think? Make them even more special by getting his name engraved on the gloves.

Engraved Dog Tags

There's nothing better than having your favorite player engraved on a dog tag. Try to get your hands on one of his personal best shots on the field, and have it engraved onto the dog tag. Imagine the sweet surprise he gets when he sees it, priceless.

Team Jerseys

Which soccer fan can resist his favorite team jersey? Go a step further, and get it autographed for that special someone. You are sure to make that person's day merely by getting him a couple of his favorite jerseys.

Sports Bag

He loves his sport, you say? Which means he takes his practice rather seriously. The best gift for such a frenzy soccer lover is indeed a sports bag in which he can carry his stuff in style.

Brand New Shoes

Why don't you simply order-in a brand new set of soccer shoes for him? You never know, he could actually be in dire need of one. We suggest you take him along to purchase this gift to get the perfect shoe size.

Sports Watch

It is true that time and tide wait for no man; however, you can gift an ardent soccer fan with a set of sports watches. So, every time he glances at the watch, he is automatically reminded of you and your thoughtfulness.

Soccer Alarm Clock

Waking up for practices will be more fun with this trendy alarm clock. Presenting someone with a custom-made clock is sure to garner you attention, if nothing else.

Vuvuzela horn

What every soccer fan at the stadium does? Toots his horn in glory. Present him a vuvuzela horn, and allow him to unleash his seemingly wild side.

Key Chains

This a seemingly inexpensive gift, although you can go a step further and get one in silver or gold to make him feel extra special. How about a bedazzled key chain? Even a football ornament to adorn his car should also make do as a perfect gift.

Table Soccer

How about gifting a table soccer game to this soccer fan? One thing is for sure, you can never go wrong with this gift.

Team Flags

A soccer fan is simply incomplete without his favorite team flags. Present miniature flags to him, so he has one to support every team that he has a soft spot for.


How can this sweet treat be left behind? Get him sweets and not just any sweets, but chocolates in the shape of a football is what he would love.
Apart from these gifts mentioned here, you can present him customized cups and mugs. Beer glasses in the shape of a world cup or even a football will be more than welcome. Then, there are soccer stockings, headphones, and pop-up goals that you can gift him. Another good gift would be a portrait or framed picture of his favorite player.