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Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Mayuri Kulkarni
Thinking of an appropriate gift idea for your boss may seem like a herculean task, since you just can't afford to go wrong with this gift. But you need not worry, as here are some ideas to choose a gift that will surely help you impress your boss. Have a look!
There can be several reasons why one would want to gift something to his/her boss. If you are lucky enough to find a nice boss, then you should certainly consider gifting him/her some impressive gift. You can find many special occasions to gift your boss.
Being aware of the likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests of your boss, can make the gift hunting process a bit easy. Let's find out what you can gift your boss on different occasions.

Birthday Gift Ideas

If it's your boss' birthday, then it's the right time to gift him/her a special and interesting birthday gift. A simple but sweet gesture is ordering a birthday cake in your boss' favorite flavor. You can order a customized cake with some nice quote on it.
If some special sport or cultural event is going to take place in the city and your boss had been talking to you about it, then why not gift the show tickets to boss? With monetary collection from all the staff members, you can gift a couple holiday package for 2-3 days, to newly married boss.
If he is a gadget freak, then look for the latest gadget that your boss does not own, and gift him the same. If he/she is a music lover, buying CDs of his/her favorite genre of music, can be the best birthday gift.

Gift Ideas for Christmas

With the festive season approaching, you have the all the reasons to buy a nice present for your boss. A Christmas gift can be simple or expensive, depending on your choice and budget. 
You can go for a table calendar with a Christmas theme, or buy a Christmas gift basket.
If you are too much confused with the gift, then a gift certificate is the best option. Try to locate a store that your boss visits often, and find out if they provide gift certificates. There are even some restaurants that provide coupons.
You can even go for designer outfits or a designer watch if you have a high budget.

Gift Ideas for Boss's Day

The National Boss's Day is celebrated on the 16th of October in the United States and Canada. This day is celebrated by the employees to show their gratitude towards their boss, with gifts, bouquets, cards, etc. This can be a great occasion to put a remarkable impression on your boss.
If your boss loves to read, then gifting a novel can be a great idea. Look for a good novel that he/she has not read yet.
If your boss loves to wear trendy clothes with quotes on them, you can gift a t-shirt with some boss quotes! A picture frame with a photograph of all the staff members and your boss, also makes for a nice gift. Coffee mugs and key chains with boss quotes, also make some of the good gift ideas.
The boss is one of the major elements of any organization, who encourages the employees by supporting them for their work. Presenting a gift to your boss is an act of thanking him/her for all the help and guidance provided to you.
So, what are you waiting for, with the help of the gift ideas mentioned above, go ahead and present a memorable gift to your dear boss.