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Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Kids

Tulika Nair
There are many gifts that you can give kids. But if you are looking for options that are slightly light on the pocket, then these inexpensive ideas can come to your rescue.

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A birthday, the holidays, a congratulatory occasion; just some of the times when you would have to give a present to a kid. Normally there is no dearth of the number of things that you can buy for kids, with the malls full of toys and games that kids are sure to adore.
But what do you do in a situation when you are on a shoestring budget? Well, these are times when you need to be on the lookout for gifts ideas that don't leave you bankrupt, and here we give you some options that you can use.

Gift Ideas on a Budget for Kids

It can be quite a task to choose presents for kids that are not too heavy on the pocket, thanks to the number of glittering and brilliant options that are available in the market. If you want to buy a gift that is thoughtful yet inexpensive then you can use some of the options that are given here.
Gift Baskets
Everyone loves to receive multiple gifts and kids are no exceptions. Make a neat little basket with all the things that he or she loves.
Include small stuff toys, stationery, play-dough, chocolates, candies, toys, movie tickets, and anything else that is cheap and you are sure that the kid you are giving the gift to, will love. Gift baskets can also be personalized with the kid's name inscribed on the basket.
Comic Books
Giving your nieces and nephews access to your comic book collection might be a terrific idea, even though books might not be as cheap as they once were. Allow them to explore your collection and select the comics they enjoy.
After choosing your comics, consider rebinding or themed packaging. It makes an excellent present for children, introducing them to the joys of reading. Include genres such as fairy tales, adventure, and inspiration alongside comics.
Hobby Class
If you want to ensure that your kid does not spend all his time in front of the television or on the computer playing games, then gift him a membership to a hobby class that you know he will enjoy.
Look for low-cost classes online that match your child's interests. Introduce them to new interests or develop old ones. You might discover undiscovered talents in the process.
Cookies and Cakes Bag
Show us one kid who does not like sweets and candies which is impossible. Almost every kid (and adult) would love a goody bag full of their favorite treats.
Prepare their favorite sweets, decorate them, and present them in a unique container. Be careful of sugar rushes and belly problems; when indulging, practice moderation.
These are just some of the ideas you can try out. Movie passes to a movie that they are dying to watch or even DVDs of their favorite animated movies are also good options.
If you are good at craft work, then there is a whole range of handmade gifts that you can make for kids. From colorful scarves to bags to pencil stands, crayons, the options are endless.

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Adults can combine their money to buy inexpensive gifts and number them rather than address them individually. Kids then choose numbers to match gifts, assuring surprises for everyone without going overboard.
If you want something affordable, try the toy store at the mall. Finally, highlight to your youngster that the thought behind the present is most important. They will appreciate any gift you give them.