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Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife

Ankana Dey Choudhury
You may keep buying gifts for the rest of the world thinking of their smiles, the most precious smile that can transform Christmas magic into a sheer euphoric experience is the smile from your wife. Here are Christmas gift ideas to convey your ever growing love.
"All I want for Christmas is you
You're the gift that's made my dreams all come true
All I need for Christmas is here
Finding every sweet surprise wrapped up in your eyes
Waiting there for me underneath the tree...
...We'll the spend the day exchanging kisses
Smile and say what a Christmas this is
Long before the snowflakes appear
Without bells or mistletoe or the tinsel silver glow
You just look at me and Oh!
Christmas is here!" - "A Christmas Love Song".
Words strong enough to make the heart go pitter-patter even after staying with one another for years. What if your Christmas gift to your wife could also reflect the same emotions. Well, honestly it is very much possible to get her something special and unique even after all these years of living together.

A 'Circle of Life' Trinity ring

You can get your wife a trinity ring made out of three different metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. Then get the words 'past', 'present', and 'future' calligraphically etched behind the silver, gold, and platinum bands respectively.
The silver would indicate how she stood beside you during struggling days, the aurum band reflects how she fills your life with a golden aura of joy and contentment and platinum stria would tell her that not only do you see a most cherished and enigmatic future ahead with her, but also how precious experience shall your journey together appear at the end.
On the outer surfaces of the ring you could get the words 'Circle', 'of', 'My Life' engraved on the three bands one after the other to sum up the concept. Also, you could write the meaning of the three bands and leave it inside the ring box and get the following lyrics embossed on the cover or inside of the box.
"It's the Circle of Life
And it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the Circle
The Circle of Life
One unique Christmas gift ideas for your wife that will surely bring a tear to her eye and a smile on those crimson lips.

Platinum Hoops for Monkey Business

Jewelry and women being best friends, you can never fail with a trinket. So, buy her those very in vogue platinum hoops. However, presentation is always very important and just giving it to her in just a jewelry box is so clich├ęd.
So here's what you can do. Buy a black, suede finished monkey mannequin in a seated posture, knees pressed against the chest. It should be black because it will make the white platinum stand out.
Now get the words 'Your love makes me wanna monkey around with joy' inscribed on the backside of the mannequin and place the earrings on the ears of the monkey. Leave this on your wife's dresser and she'll go from "Oh!" to "Oh wow!" with bliss.

A Family on the Finger-top

A woman never feels complete without her entire family about her and here's what you can do to ensure that she feels close to all of them at all times. Just find out what is your, your better half's, and your kids' birthstones as per the zodiac signs. You can then go to the jeweler and get two complementary stackable rings made with two stones at each end.
Also get the name of each member inscribed beside his/her birthstone. Place it in front of the family picture and your wife will never part it from herself ever again. You can also keep adding the number of rings with increase in the family members' number!

Candles of Peace

Christmas is essentially a time that floods our life with light and warmth. So, making aromatic candles for your wife will surely rekindle that love and affection in your lives.
To strengthen the allusion to joy and contentment, you can make one of the Chinese ideograms of 'Zen', 'spirit', 'love', and 'peace' on the surface of each candle with a small, personal phrasal message below. Something to keep her aglow for sometime.

A Heart to Rest On

How often have you told your wife "you fill up my heart"? Here's how you can actually allow her to fill it up figuratively. Just buy her a huge crimson, heart-shaped bean bag to rest upon after a hard, long day.
Not only will it go with the Christmas color of red, but also help her to unwind peacefully in the warm realm of your heart everyday!
So, there you go, five awesome Christmas gift ideas for your wife that'll leave her breathless and you all complete and content. So go ahead and show your resolution as the man of the household, as you follow the Christmas traditions, to keep the family together and your queen pampered and radiant!