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Cool Tech Gifts for Guys

Sheetal Mandora
Hip desginers and technology providers are always doing groundbreaking work so that we will always have cool gadgets to buy. If you are looking for cool tech gifts for a guy and are confused with the choices out there, here are some ideas to make your decision stress-free.
"Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets."

― Neil deGrasse Tyson
Why do men love gadgets? Well, this is an age-old question that has baffled the opposite sex for generations. But the truth is, gadgets aren't a thing to adore; they are actually useful to those who wish to purchase them. From cool and exciting apps to huge entertainment pieces, every new gadget is an upgrade towards a better, simpler, more joyful life.
Well, most guys have a bucket list of gadgets or 'tech' stuff they wish to add in their existing collections. However, when it comes to giving these highly-appreciated and hugely-anticipated gifts, some people can be left clueless. So, in order to help you get out of this dilemma Scot-free, here are our ideas to what can be an interesting gift.

Gadgets Men Love

At first, it might seem like shopping for a tech-savvy guy is tough because they have specific choices and brands that they like. Of course, not all brands have latest gadgets that match current technologies and customer demands.
But, if you are completely unaware of what to purchase and how to go about it, we will advise you to take someone who has knowledge of the same. This way, you won't be standing in a store, looking confused and staring at the range of gadgets.

Quadcopter with an HD Camera

With radar positioning and return-home control, a quad copter is a wonderful gift as it is easy to set up and gives you so much fun to fly. There is a high-performance 3D camera with a micro SD card that can shoot full HD videos and high-quality stills.
Certain models, depending on the manufacturer, also have an integrated GPS auto-pilot system that offers position holding, altitude lock, and stable hovering to get the perfect video or shots.

Wireless Headphone

A wireless headphone, depending on the brand you choose, has a fine-tuned acoustics for clarity, breadth, and balance.
You can recharge them after a full 12-hour session of uninterrupted listening. Certain products are a bit pricey, but with the sound quality and high-end models, these are definitely worth it.

Bluetooth Headphone

Whether he is on his way to work or school, or going out for a morning run, a Bluetooth headphone will keep him connected to any/all of his devices, such as phone, tablet, etc... Most come with a rechargeable battery where the person doesn't have to plug the device in to anything. With powerful sound quality and clear bass, it can be used anytime, anywhere.


For an adventure-seeker, a pair of walkie-talkie is a perfect gift for when he's out hiking, biking, driving, camping, or at the beach with family and/or friends. Depending on the brand, the transmission range will differ, along with the location the walkie-talkie is being used. Plus, most models come with in-built weather and emergency channels as well.
Apart from the unusual, yet cool gifts mentioned here, there are other gifts that you can buy. We hope that these ideas were helpful for your next gadget shopping hunt.