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Corporate Gift Basket Ideas

Uttara Manohar
Arranging a corporate gift basket is fun and an innovative approach, when it comes to handing these to either clients or employees for varied events/occasions. Read on to learn how to make one using ideas that call for creativity.
Social networking and maintaining healthy public relations are an imperative aspect of any business. Business development involves a continuous process of forging new links and contacts, and maintaining and strengthening the old ties.
This not only involves attending business events but also exchanging goodies (corporate gifts) as a sign of goodwill and trust among business associates.
These gifts are a gesture of gratitude, goodwill, trust, and celebrations, and can be exchanged on several occasions between people from various tiers in the business model. These can be exchanged between associates who are involved in a mutually profitable relationship as a means to maintain their good relations.
If an organization has achieved success, or if new clients have joined the venture, then a corporate gift basket can be a great medium to convey the intended message or sentiment. For people who need to get over the bitter experiences of the past and start afresh, these can also be a great way to bury the hatchet.
In addition to this exchange between the business partners, associates, and the investors, they can indeed induce a healthy and encouraging atmosphere within the organization. Corporate gifts are a great way to spread the holiday cheer during festivals and special occasions, as well.

How to Choose Items for This Basket?

There was a time when the options for the same were limited to stationery items embossed with the company logo; however, with time, these have evolved a lot. The latest trend is to have sleek and stylish items, starting from the smart gadgets to the lifestyle and gourmet options.
One of the most popular trends in corporate gifting today is the gift baskets. They are an ensemble of several items and goodies. These can include a wide variety, which may or may not be based on a particular theme.
In case you want to simplify the process of selecting items, it is always better to select a theme or product category, so that it is easier to decide on the elements that will be included in the basket.
For instance, if you choose gourmet, then it is easier to pick up all the related items, such as chocolates, cookies, cakes, roasted nuts, dry fruits, cheese varieties, snacks, exotic tea and coffee packs, and even champagne or wine.
Similarly, you can pick any theme or topic, starting from stationery, electronic gadgets, holiday items, to useful objects such as beverage warmers, memory sticks, coffee mugs, etc.
In case you want to incorporate an element of the corporate culture to these baskets, you can get the gifts custom-made by embossing the company logo or name on the ones included in the basket. A relatively convenient and comfortable option for this is customizing the wrapper of the items.
There are several gift companies that provide such readymade baskets, as well. However, many times, they may charge you hefty amounts for these items.
Hence, you can always pick up gift items in wholesale, and create your own baskets, which can be relatively economical, as well. Make sure that the ones you create are not only economical for you but also innovative and memorable.
Make sure that the items included are useful as well, since these are always appreciated in the business world. Thus, all in all, these gifts are a great way to promote your brand, your products, and of course, build a healthy and positive brand identity.