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Creative Romantic Gift Ideas

Uttara Manohar
All of us need to try our hand at creative romantic gift ideas when presenting gifts to someone we love.
There is no dearth of occasions to celebrate and exchange gifts, be it an anniversary, birthday, or a special holiday. Every now and then people who are in love, exchange gifts in order to express their love for one another.
However, at times you just don't want the same old clichéd gifts like red roses or candy hearts―you want something more, something special. There are occasions which call for special, and far more creative ideas that really touch the heart.
In this story, we will give you some such ideas that you can choose from. Being creative is not that difficult especially when you know that the person you're about to give a gift to is someone special. Let's take a look at some really creative romantic gift ideas in this following section.
Draw a miniature map of the city where you and your partner spent a majority of the days during your courtship.
The Love Map
Now think of all the places that you frequented while you were dating, or the ones that hold a sentimental value or a special memory.
The coffee house where you spent hours together, the park where you had your first kiss, favorite restaurant, the place where you had your first fight, the place where you had your first date and so on. Now mark all these places on the miniature map.
Use faded paper (you can burn the ends of a sheet of paper before lightly coloring it with coffee-infused water) and mark the latitudes and longitudes with a brown marker or a brown color pencil to give the map a worn out look. Use cute colors, drawings, and stickers to make the map more interesting.
For the final touch, burn out the edges of the map to make it look like a really ancient and tattered map. Next roll the map and tie it with a simple brown string and put it in an old glass bottle, cork the bottle and present it to your beloved. To preserve the map, your partner can get the map laminated in a thin plastic film after he/she is done seeing it.

The Invisible Love Letter
Everyone writes love letters when in love. But how about a love letter written in invisible ink?
Won't it be fun to see the confusion on your partner's face when they see a blank paper presented to them, and see them smile as the words appear from nowhere to reveal your loving message? All you need is some plain unadulterated, freshly squeezed lime juice, a pointed twig and a piece of blank un-ruled paper.
Yes, lemon juice is the invisible ink we are talking about. Just dip the twig in lemon juice and write your love letter onto the blank sheet of paper and allow the letters to dry out. Once dried, roll the letter and tie it up with a satin lace and place it in a wooden ornamental box.
Next, pack another small box and keep a lighter in it. Be creative and choose a lighter which has a mushy lovey-dovey print on it like hearts, roses, or teddy bears. Now wrap the lighter and place it in a small box along with a small note that says, "Can't see any words on the paper?
Just hold the paper over the flame at a safe distance to read my message to you." When your partner holds the letter over the flame, the words will appear on the page. This happens because the lemon juice reacted areas of the paper take a deeper color than the rest of the paper. Thus making the words stand out.

The Perfect Gift
Think of the most popular romantic couples starting from the ones in history, the fictional ones, the celebrity ones or even the ones in you own family.
Create a timeline collage by pasting pictures of all the couples in and around the border area of the paper and leave out a conspicuous space right in the center of the collage. Stick your photograph in the middle to create a beautiful collage that conveys your emotions.
Romantic Scrapbook
Memories always enrich the bond of togetherness. How would you like your partner to have a collection of all your romantic memories rolled into one beautiful scrapbook?
Sounds interesting, doesn't it? If you have been collecting your courtship memories with pressed roses, candy wrappers, or any other mementos and photographs that are related to old memories, fill those in the scrapbook.
Even if you don't have these, you can always rely on photographs and go back to your favorite places to get the memorabilia items. The movie tickets from the first date, the tissue paper with her lipstick marks, the sugar sachet from your favorite coffee house, the painting she made when you were in second grade, the photographs from you first vacation.
Take a big scrapbook and stick all the things that symbolize your beautiful memories. Write the dates and interesting details about your memories associated with those things as well. You can also add interesting love quotes and romantic movie dialogs from your favorite movies.
With these ideas to do your bidding, your partner is going to be sufficiently floored. Of that we are sure. Get moving on these gifts then and have a great gifting session.