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Enthralling Engagement Party Gift Ideas

Aastha Dogra
Invited for an engagement party and not sure what to gift? A great gift reflects a lot about you. An engagement gift need not be extravagant. It can be something simple, yet personalized. So think of something which is fun, romantic or useful for them, and then go ahead. Rest assured, they'll love it.
Usually, close friends and relatives are invited as guests for an engagement party. So it is assumed that you know the couple (or one among them) well enough. Yet, no matter how close you are to the couple, it can still get pretty confusing to zero in on the perfect gift.
Generally, going to an engagement party without a gift is considered to be completely fine. However, if the couple is really special to you or if you feel awkward going to the party without any gift, then you could do with some gift choices, right?

Gift Ideas for an Engagement Party

Since an engagement gift need not be very expensive, you can gift the couple a champagne or a bottle of wine along with a bouquet of flowers.
Chocolates have always been the favorites of many. As it is said "anything is good if it's made of chocolates", so gifting the couple a box of liqueur chocolates will be a perfect option.
If the engagement is of a close relative, you can gift them something which they can actually use at their wedding, such as unity candles, champagne flutes, etc.
Carry a scrapbook with you to the engagement party and ask the guests to write something about the couple, and later present it to the couple, they will definitely cherish this gift throughout their life. This is one of those gifts which will invoke everlasting memories.
If you are willing to spend a little more, then gift certificates such as to a spa where the couple can relax or a dancing class, which the couple can take together, make for good engagement party gifts.
You can gift them passes to the grape crushing fests or amusement parks or anything that will allow them to spend some quality time with each other and unwind.
If you are really close to the couple, then you can consider writing a story about the couple, how they first met and fell in love, and get it framed. This is one of the most personalized gifts, which the couple will cherish forever.
If either the bride or the groom loves to read, then you can present them with books, which has tips on how to make a marriage successful or how to maintain relations.
If you are looking for some romantic gift ideas, then aromatic candles which come in different colors are a good choice. Along with the candles, you can gift the couple a copy of the "Kama Sutra".
A perfect personalized gift for an engagement party would be to gift the couple with an engagement basket. In the basket, you can include things like a double bed sheet, towel set and a perfume set.
One of the cutest engagement gift ideas is to get the photo of the would-be bride and the groom printed on two t-shirts and gift these to the couple. So, whenever they wear these printed t-shirts, it will remind them of your sweet gesture.
If the couple enjoys music, then you can always gift them the collection of their favorite artist's music CDs.
You can also gift them a photo album with the couple's photographs in it in different moods. This will remind them of their old days that they spent together before marriage.