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Worthy Engraved Gifts for Boyfriend

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
For those who want to gift their boyfriend something extraordinary, then read on to get some great ideas. Take a look at all the amazing engraved gifts and learn why they always remain special.
If you want your present to really stand out and always remain special to him, then there is nothing like a gift engraved with a special message, name, date or letter. Such gifts are also more appreciated because they make the recipient feel extra special as they are especially customized for him.
You must have given your boyfriend many gifts over the years but this time, let's forget the usual cell phone, iPad and Xbox. Gift him something that he will cherish and love for the rest of his life.
The best part about engraved gifts is that they make every occasion extra special. It doesn't matter if you are celebrating his birthday, anniversary, promotion or absolutely nothing. These gifts have the capability to say everything you can't. So let's make it extra special for him this time, here are some awesome gift ideas.

Engraved T-Shirt

Gifting him a T-shirt imprinted with a cool quote like the above, is a great idea for an engraved gift.

Engraved Coffee Mug

This cup having both your names beautifully engraved on it will surely make his mornings worthwhile.

Engraved Beer Mug

This amazing wooden beer mug is probably the best gift for someone who enjoys beer and believes in living larger than life.

Engraved Glass Namesake

An engraved glass namesake is a thoughtful gift idea for those who have desk jobs. These can be used as paperweight items which remains a sweet reminder of a fond memory.

Engraved Key Chain

If you've moved in with him, a personalized key chain with a special note for him is a good idea. The key chain will remain with him all through the day while he is outside the house.

Engraved Rings

Engraving rings is a classic gift idea. Buy a pair of rings, and engrave your name on his ring while your ring should have his name.
Save this gift idea for a special day or a moment such as your anniversary or his birthday.

Engraved Dog Tags

Dog tags are good accessories for men. They can be worn around the neck or can be used as key chains.
Get it engraved with your name and a love message. A gift made with such love will definitely be appreciated and kept close to the heart.

Engraved Photo Frame

Framing photographs is a way of treasuring a fond memory.
So pick out one of your favorite moments captured on camera, get it framed and engraved with a thought that makes it so special!

Engraved Watch

Timeless love deserves a gift which is equally timeless. All men like watches as they are a great accessory. So, get the dial of the watch engraved with both your initials.

Engraved Shot Glass

Every man wants a good bar, which is well equipped with appropriate glasses and a variety of drinks. Add to his bar collection with engraved shot glasses and drink-up those tequila shots with all the love!

Engraved Pocket Knife

If your boyfriend is an adventure junkie, an engraved pocket knife can prove extremely handy. Trekkers often come across situations to cut something or put something together.
This basic utility tool will remain with him as a good luck on all those adventures he plans to make.
You can gift him an engraved traveling bag, a baseball bat signed by his favorite player or a personalized short story depicting your journey together. Personalizing gifts make the gesture very thoughtful. Putting such a gift together is definitely walking an extra mile, but the effort will seem worth it all once his face lights up with a 1000 watt smile!