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How to Choose Flowers for Men

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Although men and flowers do not seem to go well together, the fact is, men love receiving flowers as much as women do. Read on to know more on how to choose flowers for men.
Flowers are mostly associated with women. Although there is no doubt that women love flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors, men are not to be left far behind when it comes to appreciating the beauty of flowers.
The so-called macho men may refuse to admit their love for flowers but secretly they feel overjoyed when gifted with a bouquet of fresh flowers. So in case you are toying with the idea of gifting flowers to your man, sure go ahead and pick up his favorite flowers.

How to Choose Flowers for Men

Although men sure love receiving flowers, choosing flowers for them may differ from choosing flowers for women. If you are not careful with the color, scent and type of flowers, you may only leave your man embarrassed in front of his colleagues or friends.


The color of the flower is the first thing that your guy is bound to notice about it. Generally, brighter colors such as red, orange, yellow, purple should be preferred for men.
As far as possible, try to avoid feminine colors such as pink, fuchsia, lilac, mauve etc. Nonetheless, you can use a hint of these colors in a flower arrangement for men.
Also use a lot of green colored flowers and vegetation for a man's flower arrangement. Many flowers come in interesting shades of greens including orchids, carnations etc.


Men like robust flowers with clear shapes and defined structures. Sunflowers, daisies, gerberas make for ideal flowers for gifting men.
They also like tropical flowers and flowers with masculine traits such as orchids, birds of paradise etc.
Roses in brighter hues such as yellow and orange can be great for men. Avoid gifting red roses unless you are romantically involved with the concerned man.
Other interesting flowers to choose from include grape hyacinth, irises, snap dragons, blue hydrangeas etc. Avoid delicate flowers such as calla lilies or mini roses for men.


Scent is another important aspect while choosing flowers for men. Although, men are least likely to keep sniffing your flowers all day, they may easily get put off by sweet smelling, ultra feminine scents. Strong, earthy, musky, spicy, fruity scents are most suitable for men.
Delphinium, lupine, tulips, carnations and bluebells have a characteristic musky smell, which may attract men. It is best to avoid flowers such as star gazer lilies which have a very sweet feminine smell.


Finally, one must also consider the occasion for which you are planning to gift flowers. Sympathy flowers should be in somber colors such as white, green, blues etc.
One can go for brighter shades of flowers for occasions such as birthdays, congratulatory gifts, get well soon flowers etc. For romantic gifts, you may go for red roses, tulips, orchids etc.
Incidentally, some flowers are associated with certain human attributes. For instance, chrysanthemum and yellow roses symbolize friendship, daisies indicate loyalty, red roses stand for romantic love and Alstroemeria symbolizes devotion.
If you are going to make the bouquet yourself, make sure you use funny and attractive bases for your bouquets. You may browse online for flower arrangement ideas for men. Smiley mugs, fire engines, and toy cars are some attractive bases for your flower arrangements.
Besides, you can also go for handmade bouquets. However, make sure you refrain from typical floral ribbons. If your guy is not much into flowers, you may consider gifting him a small bonsai plant on similar lines.
Thus, flowers are very much in vogue for men. So, you can indeed pick up a few for the most important man in your life. Hope the tips provided here proved to be of some help to you.