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Amazing Gift Basket Ideas

Tarali Kafaie
A gift basket can be made for every theme or occasion. You would have minimum chances of making a mistake with a popcorn gift basket for kids. Keep reading to know how to make the perfect gift basket that will bring out the smile and excitement of the guest of honor.
Putting together a gift basket is creative as well as fun. You basically need to have the desire within you to gift someone, and of course the time, in order to make personalized gifts.
Whatever be the occasion, gift baskets are always in demand due to their versatility. So if you are having a difficult time deciding on a gift for your loved ones or friends, it is best to create a beautiful theme based gift and be appreciated for the time and effort you have spent in it.

Gift Basket Themes for Couples

An invitation to an anniversary or a housewarming party gets you frantically searching for ideas for gifts, for the couple. In fact, this is the easiest moment to search for a gift.
Since the gift is for both of them, their individual preference is not of much importance. The top priority here, goes to practicality. So be thoughtful and make personalized gift baskets, something that both would need and like. Don't make the mistake of gifting a makeup basket as a housewarming gift or an action movie DVD basket as an anniversary gift.


It is a special time for couples, so when you have been invited for this special occasion, a champagne and chocolate fondue basket makes a great gift.
If you have the skills, then a basket of handmade scented candles with a candle stand is a great gift idea, indeed.


A basket full of delectable sweet treats like chewy cookies, brownies, chocolate wafer cookies, chocolate and milk bars, and assorted dry fruits would be a treat for the whole family.
A gift basket of homemade cookies and cakes also makes a great and thoughtful homemade gift for the couple.

Baby Shower

A basket of baby clothes in pink and blue is considered a really sweet gift. Even a bath basket for the baby makes a great gift for the to-be parents.

Ideas for Raffle Gift Basket

Raffles are thought to be the best way to raise funds for a good cause. Many raffles give air tickets, electronic items, gift certificates, but these prizes lack a personal touch. So the idea here is to be creative and thoughtful by choosing the right combination of items in a gift basket, so that people are attracted to buy the raffle tickets.
You should know that women love bath, body, and spa gift baskets. So to attract women to buy the raffle tickets, keeping these items is a good idea. Whereas, men love barbecue and sports related gift baskets and these are sure to draw men to buy the tickets.

For Women

♦ Gardening baskets with gloves, seeds, and other gardening tools.
♦ Gourmet gift basket with olive oil, cutting board, spaghetti, and sauce.
♦ Tea and cookie basket with pack of green tea, iced tea, butter wafers, candy, and cookies.

For Men

♦ Movie basket with tickets, popcorn, cookies, and candy.
♦ Golf basket with golf items like hats, golf balls, and a shirt.
♦ Wine basket with a good wine bottle, a set of wine glasses, and a corkscrew.

Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

While making gift basket for kids, be it your own, or your niece, nephew or a friend's kid, it is important to know the kid's liking. You can't expect diplomacy from a kid when he does not like the gift. There can be nothing more embarrassing than "I hate chocolates" when you have gifted the kid a basket full of chocolates.

Picnic Gift Basket

It is not just a great idea to gift a picnic basket to a kid, it is also considered one of the gift ideas for the whole family. It also tops the list in corporate gift ideas due to its usefulness for all age groups.
A great picnic gift basket should include chocolates, lemon cookies, picnic hamper, chocolate covered nuts, sour balls, cheese sticks, cheese, nuggets, snack mix, and smoked almonds.