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15 Gift Ideas for Homebrewers

Cheryl Mascarenhas
You sure know a homebrewer from the passionate love affair he/she has with ales, lagers, and wines. It's time you made his special occasion even more special by gifting him something that will reflect his passion in the art of brewing. Let's see some ideas for the same.
Beer does not make itself properly by itself. It takes an element of mystery and of things that no one can understand.
Fritz Maytag, American brewer
It's the undying love for brewing that keeps such people going. Simply said, it's a never ending reserve of passion that goes into making beer, wine, mead, or many other fermented drinks, at home that gives them an all-time high.
For that matter, home brewers love brewing, serving, and consuming their home produce. It is this passion that you should come to appreciate with a gift that will say it all on your behalf as well as give them the essential boost they need.
While the regular gifts include T-shirts, mugs, beer steins, wine glasses, and personalized aprons, yours could stand out with a little bit of thought put into it. Whatever their passion, it makes sense to applaud their talent with a gift suited for them.
Given here are top gift ideas for your homebrewer friend or lover who will be more than glad to pursue his/her passion with greater fervor.
For brewing enthusiasts, an oak barrel is essential. Gift your friend one with a beer gun or dispenser for easy serving. Opt for a portable or wheeled barrel for a practical and stylish present.
Beer Barrel
For a lager brewer, beer flights make excellent presents. They assist in organizing beer tasting gatherings and serving guests their favorite brews. As an alternative, register them for a competition or tasting event.
Beer Flight
Empty Bottle Crate
Get your friend a fresh set of clean, recycled bottles. The bottles can be used to store the home brew or even to sell it at the local store.
It's easy to meet the needs of a homebrewer; just give them what they need. In the event that they run out of store-bought pellets for their preferred brew, a grain mill guarantees they can produce freshly milled grain.
Grain Mill
Gift a vintage weighing scale to your homebrewer friend. Imagine when he opens his gift to find a weighing scale packed neatly in a box.
Grain Scale
A growler comes in handy to store and serve the homemade brew. A personalized growler will make a perfect gift option for your friend.
Hop Bag
Like a bag of grapes is useful for a wine maker, a bag of hop or even barley is beneficial for a beer brewer. Gift a bag of hop or barley pellets that will aid him in the process of brewing.
Rusty Kegs
You can't really use a rusted keg; however, it can be used to adorn or beautify the patio, or add to the aesthetic sense of the home decor. A vintage keg is definitely a keepsakes for a brewer.
Vintage Wooden Cart
A good old beer cart sitting in the backyard is such a treat for the eyes. Do your friend a favor by purchasing a vintage wooden cart and presenting it on his birthday or anniversary.
The bottling of wine and beer requires a working bottle processing plant. If you can't find a vintage equipment, a contemporary bottling unit will work just well. In any case, it accomplishes the goal.
Vintage Bottle Processing Unit
Portable Kegs
These are perfect for small family gatherings, or when one wants to limit the amount the drinks that are being served. A wine or beer keg is the best gift option.

For those who love to make wine

A wine enthusiast could do with a bag of grapes that could be processed into wine.
Grape Bag
A couple of your friends could chip in to purchase a large amount or variety of grapes for the brewer friend.

Wine Making Equipment

Bottles, distillers, funnels that are involved in the brewing process make perfect gifting options. Besides, having a spare container is always beneficial.
Your friend will surely thank you for a thought-felt gift like a wine press. It will surely take the burden away from pressing a large quantity of grapes.
Wine Press
A bag full of cork stoppers should do the trick for a wine enthusiast. Have a personal message inscribed on each to make it even more special.
Cork Stoppers
You never know, your friend could use the cork stoppers to seal a couple of wine bottles for you.
Apart from these gifts, you can also present wine and beer brewing kits, recipe books, and books that will enhance your friend's brewing knowledge and experience. You can also gift him a membership to a local brewing association to help him meet like-minded individuals.