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Gift Ideas for Men Turning 30

Aastha Dogra
It can be a real mind bender when it comes to picking the perfect gift for your man or loved one. Crossing over one's twenties is not easy a time for everyone, so make him feel extra special on his birthday with these gift ideas for men turning 30...
Birthdays are one of those exciting days where you get to be the center of attention for 24 whole hours (minus of course the time you sleep). Whether it's your father, close friend, colleague, boss, brother, or partner, these gifts should prove helpful in any given bond.
The men in our lives deserve a little show of love whether big or small, but birthdays are an all together different platform. Let's look into how you can make them feel loved and appreciated

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Birthdays come and go, but what remains intact are the memories that fill up every birthday. Let's take a look at the different gifts for men.

Wall Decor

Is he a family man? Does he wish that he had pictures up on his bare walls of those he loves? Surprise him before he arrives at the office or home by covering one particular wall with modern, stylized frames that aren't feminine in any way.
Have beautiful photographs placed within these in black and white, giving it a lovely contrast against the frames. He'll love every bit of it. Experiment with different frame sizes and designs, placing them strategically on the wall that is both artistic and eye-pleasing.

For the Love of Antiques

There are a lot of men who love old intricate looking stuff, where they'll scour mini stores that are crammed with antiques. Even while traveling they'll stumble upon some rare finds, that are worth picking up.
They carry with them something quite intriguing that lures one to pick up an antique and marvel at its work. Find antique stores on the Internet or in your city. Make sure these are authentic and not imitation pieces. Look for something functional like a clock, dresser, mirror, or vase that would look great in his office or apartment.

High-end Toy

Is he lacking a device he wishes he had? Does he wonder about buying a gadget but quickly changes his mind? Does he admire sleek, tempting-looking gizmos but brushes off the idea of buying it?
Ask yourself if he'll make use of a gadget you've splurged on because the last thing you want is a perplexed look on his face when he unwraps your gift. Make sure he has sufficient knowledge of gadgets or is in need of one, before making a decision to buy it. From cell phones and iPads, to e-book readers and GPS systems, the gizmo market has a lot to offer.

Homemade Splendor

Nothing is quite as special as a day spent sweating it out in the kitchen to make an amazing meal or dessert dish. Have everyone clear off from the apartment and set it up intimately for an evening of just you and your partner.
You could throw a birthday lunch / dinner for loved ones or those you work with by having everyone chip in for the drinks, and food ingredients. Get help from others while preparing meals since this is a lavish spread catering to a lot of invitees. It adds a much more personal touch than dragging the birthday guy to a restaurant.

Photo Album Memories

This works best if the birthday guy in question is a loved one / close friend / partner since you'd obviously have a good stock of images together.
Get a nice photo album which comes with a one-sided lamented envelope where you can slip in images and write little notes on the blank opposite side. You could instead buy a big book with blank pages and a beautiful outer covering that you can fill with photographs and birthday wishes from his family / friends / colleagues.

Birthday Cake

A man will appreciate a woman going through the trouble of baking a birthday cake (or any meal for that matter) from the scratch. Find decadent recipes from the Internet from reputable chefs like Nigella Lawson, Rachael Ray, Donna Hay, or Nicholas Morgenstern.
The best cakes are made using the freshest of ingredients and of course preparing it the very same day that you want to present it. Be sure to stick to classic favorites like chocolate, vanilla, and crunchy/caramel-based ingredients. Break out the champagne too!

Fine Bottle of Alcohol

Does he have a favorite? It'd be a shame if you didn't know which one it is. If in doubt, just get what all men unanimously like - whiskey.
Have it placed in a nice gift bag that conceals the bottle well, complete with a greeting card and any other add-ons you'd like to include like ribbons or decorative paper. Be sure to choose only the finest in alcohol since this is a one time celebration and a monumental one at that!

Gym Membership

Does he follow a lifestyle that makes you encourage him to change his ways? Does he sport a pot belly? Sign him up for a 6 month membership that will make him to go the gym. Pair it up with a greeting card, and a gift voucher that he can use at the nearest spa.
Choose the gifts mentioned here, that you see fit for the man you are presenting these to. Have fun when brainstorming over what kind of gift he'd love, and remember - keep it special.