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Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

Shruti Bhat
Wildlife, nature, flora, and fauna, are just a few words that are music to any nature lover's ears. The best gift you could ever give a nature lover is something that would make him/her feel closer to nature, or help get a piece of nature into his/her home.
Birdbaths - no matter how big or small - make great garden decorations. You can even find portable and lightweight birdbaths that are suitable for small apartments.
In case your nature lover is a city dweller and can't find birds around, the birdbath can be used as decorative centerpiece that contains floating flowers and candles.
Nature lovers would love to have live trees indoors, so why not gift them with a bonsai instead? Now they can have a shrub-sized tree right on top of their table. You'll even find a large variety of trees to choose from.
Nature lovers often love to shoot plants, animals, and birds, and immortalize nature through photographs. To support their hobby of photography, gift them with a camera along with lenses that would help them capture even an ant's antennae.
A true nature lover would love to see birds visiting his garden. Presenting him/her with bird feeders allows him to enjoy watching birds up close. You'll find bird feeders that are not just attractive but also squirrel proof.
You'll often find nature lovers spending time in their gardens. Gift them with decorative, unique, and colorful planters that would make their gardens look even more attractive.
You've probably heard of art from waste, and fairy gardens take this idea to a whole new level. Broken pots and planters can be transformed into dramatic miniature gardens and landscapes with just a few accessories.
These are not just great to look at, but also a unique gift; especially in case of a space crunch. You can present your nature-loving friend with either a ready-made fairy garden or accessories so that he/she can make one for himself/herself.
If you're the creative types, you could always make the gift at home. Gather a few pine cones, sticks, or cinnamon sticks, straw, and some glue, and you can make great Christmas ornaments or a centerpiece.
Suncatchers or lightcatchers are mini stained glass designs made to catch light. You can find them in an array of colors, sizes, and patterns; right from butterflies, dragonflies, to elaborate designs. Find one that best suits the nature lover's fancy to make it a cool, unique, and thoughtful gift.
Having an indoor garden with little to no maintenance is every nature lover's secret dream. A terrarium is the next best thing. It is modern, affordable, and easy-to-maintain indoor miniature garden that is built in a beautiful glass container.
They require very little space and can be kept anywhere at home; as the plants that are used, often don't require any sunlight or much watering. Perfect for any nature lover living in a city.
Adorable, unique, realistic figurines of various animals and birds are some more gifts to give any nature lover. Animal sculptures, snow globes, and bookends are also some more amazing things to present a nature lover with.