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7 Gift Ideas for Poetry Lovers

Shalu Bhatti
Poetry―the magical composition of words that reflects the most simplistic emotion in the most extraordinary ways. We bet there are many poetry lovers in this world, and if you happen to know someone in this category who needs to be given a gift, then GiftinGlory will help you with 7 great gift ideas for poetry lovers.
Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.
― Leonardo da Vinci
Endless quotes and sayings have been written on poetry where various renowned writers and honorees in literature have tried to define the ethereal essence of this form of expression. Ardent fans of poetry can capture the magic of the Sun's rays, freshness of mild rains, innocence of a budding leaf, and the fervency of the ocean with an endless range.
Nature has been the greatest inspiration for marvelous human creations. And 'tis human nature that tries to connect with the outer beings through creative ways―poetry being one of them.
When there arises the need to gift something special to this esurient poetry lover, you need to instill a few droplets of observation, a little zest of thoughtfulness, and a gentle touch of creativity!
The given section will take you through 7 awesome gifts that every poetry lover will appreciate, and we think would be worth considering for the fanatics of rhyming lines.

A Framed Poster of Classic Poetry

Oh, the joy a true fanatic would get after receiving it.
If you see from their perspective, to have a masterpiece of poetry, beautifully framed and adorning the wall ..., the sight can be expressed in another poem itself! Get a poster of their favorite poem framed, but be sure that they do like the particular poetry, and connect with it in some way or the other.
Websites to try: AllPosters, Zazzle, cafepress, fine art america

A Collection of Classic Poems

We bet every poetry lover has a soft corner for a specific genre of poetry, and perhaps poetry that comes from a particular poet!
If you know what genre stirs their emotions, or if there is a specific poet that they admire, why not get a collection of their work and leave the receiver awestruck!
Some of the most popular books in this category include, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare's Sonnets by William Shakespeare, ...
... edited by Katherine Duncan-Jones, and The Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe, and The Poetry of Robert Frost (Collected Poems, Complete & Unabridged) by Robert Frost, edited by Edward Connery Lathem, to name a few.
Websites to try: Barnes & Noble, AbeBooks, betterworldbooks. You may also check the availability in Target and Amazon.

Custom-made Tees

Who doesn't need clothes, or to be more specific T-shirts, the more the better, isn't it?
How about getting a custom tee for your poetry admirer? To give it a personal touch, why not get their favorite poetry lines on the tee, or perhaps, a quote that they connect with the most. This is one of those options which gives you the freedom to be as creative and chichi as possible.
There are various websites that will turn your creativity into reality. With online tools and software, you can order the tee, with the design and text you need, and decide on the placement as well!

Websites to try: CustomInk, uberprints, Spreadshirt, Design A Shirt

Custom Bags

A bag is absolutely quintessential to carry the inseparable books containing loads and loads of poetry, especially for those who live to read!Gift them a personalized tote bag with some cool graphics and text, perhaps, a line that they always utter, when questioned about their love for reading.
This could be one of the most appreciated gift item of all if you're able to capture the receiver's personality into the bag's design.

Websites to try: cafepress, CustomInk, Zazzle

Framed Picture of a Legendary Poet

For those who love poetry, and feel the way it makes emotions flow from one facet of life to the other, understand the fact that each and every poet has his/her own unique style of writing.
There are some poets who are legendary―Shakespeare, H.W. Longfellow, William Blake, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe, the list is endless. Why not frame the picture of their icon, their role model, their favorite legend?
Websites to try: fine art america, zazzle, AllPosters, Amazon, Etsy

Personalized Coffee Mugs

A hot drink, most of the time it is coffee, happens to be the best companion when it comes to reading.
Don't you agree? And if you know that the person who'll be receiving the gift is also a coffee or tea lover, then this option is a definite winner.  You can customize the mug with a picture, a quote, or a funny graphic, but make sure it is catchy enough to show the person's love for the genre.
We tried to be a little different from the usual options, and chose a Marianne Moore quote, which is written on the front and back of the mug. The cartoon gives it a funny touch.

Websites to try: CustomInk, cafepress, Personalization Mall

A Personal Journal and Quill Pen

Last, but not the least, comes the most essential item that everyone who reads, must have―a journal.
We believe that reading and writing goes hand in hand, as both tend to influence your thought process. When we read a particular style of writing, in this case, poetry, we begin to think like a poet. We're sure that every reader is a writer at heart, and what could be a better gift to inspire a budding poet, than a journal.
The quill pen adds icing to the cake, as it gives this typical ancient poet feel to a writer. If the receiver doesn't have these, you are compelled by law to gift these to them.

Websites to try: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Poetic Earth Journals, The Writing Pen Store
Those involved in poems, be it reading or writing, are great observers. And when it comes to giving a gift to them, all you need to do is think from the heart, in other words, be thoughtful. They seek inspiration, love, and beauty in everything or everyone they come across. Hope these ideas provided you with the much-needed cues.