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Gift Ideas for Teachers from Students

Madhumita Shivade
A special teacher deserves a special gift. And one that comes truly from the heart is the one that makes the best impression. Make your teacher's day special with a special gift made with lot of creativity!
"The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called 'truth'."
-- Dan Rather
Our teachers have always taken care of us in many ways all through our studying years. Right from tying our shoe laces to inspiring us to be what we are. They have always been around us throughout our childhood and watched us grow. So let's thank our teachers for all the love and support they have given through this journey.
Here are some gift ideas that you as students can collectively give to show your love and appreciation for her.

Take your pick...

Fortune Cookies with a Twist

Remember the first time you went to school, when you left your mom's hand, and felt as if you were never going to go home? And then the tears were stopped by a cookie in hand that your teacher gave you.
Try a creative twist on the conventional cookies to show your teacher just how much you love her. Bake a batch of fortune cookies. Instead of putting 'fortunes' inside the cookies, ask your classmates to write out small messages for your teacher, and put those in the cookies. She'll be thrilled and will look forward to every cookie that she eats.

Jars of Love

If you truly want to surprise your teacher, then you must give her something that is exceptionally personalized. For this, you'll have to get to know what her likes and dislikes are, and you might have to resort to sneaky measures to do so.
To make gifting easy, pick something simple, yet personal. It could simply be her favorite condiment. You can just ask her. Whatever it is; a jam, a sauce, a butter, track down a specialty maker and personalize a jar of it just for her. For this, all you have to do is stick a pretty name tag and write a message on it saying how much you value her.

Thank You Poster

The job of a teacher is tough. It involves the shaping of the future of an entire generation, one classroom at a time. What we were, and what we became is something that is deeply reflected by the way our teachers taught us and brought us up.
So, as a sign of appreciation for the wonderful person that your teacher is, make a huge poster for her. On this poster, have every student write the word 'thank you' in various languages. She'll be touched by the gesture for sure.

Gift Basket

Instead of giving your teacher one big gift, break it down into one from every student or group. Make a list of the items that she is most likely to like. Things like makeup, toiletries, stationery, jewelry, etc. are the most popular items for gifts.
Buy all the items and make sure you gift-wrap them perfectly. Use the same style and paper for wrapping to maintain a sense of uniformity. Now, simply put all the gifts in a huge basket and stick a note on the handle, telling her that you love her.
Realizing the importance of the role of a teacher in a student's life is something that usually happens much later in life. But don't let that happen with you. Understand, value, respect and cherish your teacher today, and you'll have a successful tomorrow.