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Gifts for Dad from Daughter

Marlene Alphonse Mar 10, 2020
Seem to have run out of ideas for gifts for dad? Being a daughter, I can very well understand your situation. Through this story let us decide together on what gifts can you give your dad...
Remember your childhood days when all your whims and fancies were fulfilled by that one person who loved you more than anything else in the world - your dad? It was as if all your wishes were his commands. He never used to return empty-handed while on his way back from work or shopping.
Be it chocolates, pretty dresses, toys or whatever might appeal to you, were always in front of you. Your birthdays were the most celebrated occasions and you used to be loaded with gifts, and your dad was the person who used to pamper you with the most number of gifts.
Now it's your turn to reciprocate your love (though he doesn't expect) and pamper him the same way as he did and still does. Your dad is celebrating his birthday, or there is a special occasion like Christmas, and you are in a dilemma as to what gifts can you give him. Read further to known what are some of the best gifts for a dad from his daughter. These gifts can be given on any occasion (or for that matter who needs an occasion to tell your dad how much you love him), not only for birthdays.

Unique Gifts for Dad from a Daughter

I know it's quite confusing when it comes to choosing gifts, because every gift seems so perfect for your dad. However, you need to be a bit thoughtful while investing in a gift for daddy dearest, since it should be an appropriate one. (But you know, no matter what you get him, he's going to cherish it)

Personalize It

Surprise your dad by gifting him the best homemade gift that is a scarpbook full of old photos of you and your dad. You can mention the date and the occasion when the photo was clicked.
Add a personal message at the end of each page mentioning why this day was so special and express your gratitude to your dad. You can also consider this gift as a birthday gift for your dad, that will rekindle old memories and he may also wonder how fast his little girl has grown up into a young lady.

Customized Gift

A good birthday gift idea can be by gifting him a pen stand or photo frame with a picture of you and dad, that can be kept on his office desk.
Give him a customized coffee mug or stationery that he can use. Don't forget to attach a birthday note to it. Every time he looks at it, he should feel proud of the fact that you have created something special exclusively for him.

Knitted With Love

Another great gift idea that you can gift your dad is to knit him a sweater or a woolen scarf of his favorite color. You can knit lettering on the sweater or scarf, conveying your love.
This creative and thoughtful gift interwoven with your love is one of the best gifts your dad can have. Every time he wears it or someone compliments him for it, he would fondly bask in the glory of your filial regards.

Cook It Up

Your parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary. You have gifted your mom a gift and now wondering what gift you will give to your dad. But it seems that your dad has everything.
Gift your dad with a special wedding gift by treating him a meal cooked by you. Learn all his favorite dishes and serve them, along with your love. Your dad will definitely love this homemade gift and will surely appreciate this special gesture of yours.

Pamper Him

If your dad has some special hobby, then gift him a golf kit or a collection of symphonies or vintage records. If your dad is a vivid reader, gift him with the collector's edition books.
Plan a short vacation to a place where he always longed to go. Make advance arrangements and keep it a secret. Let this be a surprise that will be imprinted forever in his memory and strengthen the father-daughter bond. You can use this as a father's day gift, where you can spend quality time with each other.