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Perfect Gifts for Men Who are Hard to Shop For

Medha Godbole
Buying presents for men can be a real daunting task on most occasions. But, it is not impossible to find that perfect gift. Here are some great ideas.
A Swiss knife? How about a pen? A suit, maybe? Or better still, how about a t-shirt? A watch? ...Why can't I think of anything to buy for him?! It's like he has everything!
Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been this clueless about what to give your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or even a close friend? If you find yourself agreeing to that one, then, oh boy, do we have the perfect solution(s) for you.
We are listing some great options that can be given to men who are absolutely hard to shop for, and what great options they are. Go through the list to follow and find something to your liking. Then go floor that special man in your life, the only way you know how―by making him very, very happy.

Gifts for Hard-to-shop-for Men

Sometimes you are absolutely confused about what to gift him and whether he will even like it. The following gifts are however, what we'd like to tag, safe choices to go with.

Be a Chef

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Ensure that you give him his favorite dishes to eat, and you're all set.
Bake him a cake or prepare a lasagna, or opt for any exclusive or exotic gourmet dish he likes and see how he brightens up. Another option that you can go for is to get a coupon or discount offers of his favorite joints.

Get the Game On

It seems highly unlikely that an American guy would not be an MLB or NFL fan. This can be your gift for him―tickets for an MLB or NFL game, especially if it is scheduled near your area ... but even otherwise. He will be absolutely ecstatic to get these as a present.

Wash it Off

Cars are a prized possession when it comes to any guy. Keeping it clean and scratch free is an obsession with most men.
So be it his birthday or otherwise, gift him a car wash coupon, especially in the winter when he might find it all the more difficult to do it himself.

Royal Holiday

How about a relaxing escapade out of the town, far from the maddening crowd? Sounds just wow, doesn't it?
Book his stay in a hotel, send him camping/hiking, or you can even consider Vegas. To make it an even more exciting trip, ask his friends, to accompany him and let them all have a blast.


Stocks, gold and silver certificates, or even coins and rounds is a great idea for a practical and utilitarian present.
Most men are into stocks and trading, as well as finances. So if you know that he is into planning his financial future, why not gift him something to this effect?

Gadgeting Around

Men and their gadgets make for one hell of a pairing. If you have the budget, and you know exactly what his taste in gadgets is, then by all means, gift him something and floor him... floor him good.
Here's a thumb of rule though, when coming up with good gifts for anyone, put yourself in the person's shoes and bring to the fore his personality and traits... and voila! You have the perfect gift, all ready in the making.