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Unique Gifts for Teenage Girls

Sujata Iyer
If you're pondering over what gifts to give your teenage daughter/friend/girlfriend/niece etc., then boy will you be happy to read this.
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Teenage years are the best time in a girl's life. She discovers new things about herself everyday. Mind and body. She sees herself changing. She sees herself making choices. She sees how right or wrong those choices are. She makes some mistakes and she learns from them.
She brings the whole house down with her dramatic bouts of self loathing over something as mundane as a zit. But at the same time, she will pay rapt attention to something that she has a passion for.
You can love her, you can feel like punching her, but you would not want her to change one bit. She's the teenage girl! It'll soon be her birthday, her graduation, her prom and other such special occasions. And at such times, you dare not be empty handed (unless you want to witness aforementioned drama, that is).
So here, you will get help on some good gift ideas for teenage girls! Read them and get enlightened.
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Dress Her Up!
No girl can have enough clothes! Period! How many times have you yourself opened your stacked wardrobe, stood in front of it and groaned that "I don't have anything to wear!"
Just figure out what phase she's in (oh yes, there's definitely a phase) and buy her some awesome clothes that are in vogue at the moment. Be extremely cautious when you pick out clothes for her.
Take the advice of her BFFs to be on the safe side. They'll know better what she's more likely to wear. Throw in some gorgeous accessories with them as well, just for good luck!

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For The Bookworm
If your teen is an avid reader, nothing like some good books and novels to brighten up her day. You'll know what kind of books she's into. If you're not sure, just ask a couple of her close friends or just check them out in her room if you can.
You'll be helping her develop her vocabulary AND she'll enjoy it! There is another option that you can explore. You can get her enrolled in a library that she's been wanting to enroll in. Get her a full year's membership and she'll absolutely love it!
Surprise her with some pretty jewelry. Keep it simple and neutral unless you know for sure that she prefers otherwise.
Some Sparklers
If you know that she's into chunky and hippie jewelry, then what's the use of buying her expensive diamond jewelry? She won't wear it till she's all grown up! So, for the time being, contemporary simple jewelry is one of the best gifts for girls in their teens.
If you know for sure that she'll wear precious stones and metals, then you can definitely give her something much more valuable. Just make sure she takes good care of them.
Whiz kids are all over the place. And your teen daughter may be one of them. Surprise her with the latest gadgets like earphones. You can also gift her some fancy speakers or a high-definition, big flat screen TV!
There are so many different cell phones to choose from. If she's a typical teenager and her cell phone is inseparable from her, take her cell phone shopping and let her have whatever she picks!
Hobby Time
You'll know what her hobbies are (we hope!). So get her something that's related to the hobby. Like if she's into painting, get her an easel and some fab paints.
If she likes arts and crafts, give her some of the raw material that she needs to make some beautiful handicrafts for herself. If she's into music, then get her the instrument that she enjoys, and get her signed up for music classes along with it. What better way to encourage her budding talent!
Etc. Etc.
If you want to get a little more creative, you can give her a gift basket.
It can contain all sorts of random stuff like key rings, MP3 player earbuds, favorite movie DVDs, favorite music artist CDs, personalized stuff like coffee mugs, handbags or t-shirts.
Try body and bath sets, picture frames, cosmetics like lip balms, lip gloss, kohl pencils, etc. From these, we'd say the personalized gifts is the best option. They're more close to the heart and will be preserved with more care for sure.

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So, how did you like these gift ideas to please the drama queen? If you have more, feel free to share them. Until then, try out some of these. She can't and won't refuse any of them. That's certain!