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How to Select Gifts for Your New Boyfriend

Uttara Manohar
The thrill of buying someone a gift will never grow old, no matter how many occasions come and go. In this case, your new boyfriend is someone you don't want to frighten away with an extravagant or overly romantic gift.
There's a lot that one can tell from the gifts they receive. Usually the more expensive something is, the stronger the sentiment - but that isn't always true. Sometimes even the simplest of gifts can be given with a lot of love and affection.
Many of us analyze gift-giving with the kind of scrutiny that detectives look over evidence with. It does say a lot when a person presents a gift, especially since it is the best way to gage how a partner feels for you.
When selecting a gift for a new boyfriend, bear in mind that you haven't known him long enough to go on a splurge-athon. Why? you may ask. Well, if you haven't been dating for long enough, your boyfriend may feel a little overwhelmed by your over-enthusiastic display of affection and the expensive gift.
He may also feel that he needs to do something better and bigger for you. There are many generous options available that do not make gifts come off as expensive.

How to Select a Gift for a New Boyfriend

Play It Safe

DVD Box Set

If you have an inkling of what kind of movies/shows he likes, draw up a list based on that genre.
Example, if he's into adrenaline-pumping/violent movies, then the perfect gift would be a James Bond or Quentin Tarantino DVD box set. If he likes suspense and thrill, look for the award-winning series Homeland, Law and Order S.V.U, or Prison Break. For men who love a good dose of dark comedy, Weeds or Moonlighting are your go-to collections.

Bean Bag

There's not one person I can think of who would dislike a bean bag - it's like a large marshmallow. You could buy this comfortable plush seat for him to laze on, or whatever else guys do when they're alone. He can make use of it whether he's working on his laptop, talking over the phone, or even watching the DVD you bought for him.

Life-size Portrait

When you give a guy something you made from scratch, the first reaction is always uninhibited praise and adoration. Not only will he be impressed that you went through all that trouble, but it'll make him feel special.
While it doesn't scream 'I love you!', it sends a subtle message that you care enough to put in that chunk of effort. Select a simple DIY project that looks like it'll take you forever, but is in fact easy to make.
The image can be created using bits of colored paper, old photographs, and magazine shreds - the easiest raw materials to gather. Once you have everything in place, select a portrait and begin by pasting bits of whatever you're using, atop the colored photograph making sure to use the right colors.
Leave it out to dry and then have it framed for a clean finish. If you do a portrait of one of his close family members, it'll be a jackpot.

Art Has a Place in Every Home

You can't choose random art from a gallery/studio because chances are, he may not love it at first sight. He shouldn't put it up on his wall to please you, but because he genuinely wants it on display.
The safest framed photographs to give a guy are of things he loves or supports - a football player or musician, literature, geometry, travel, or even a particular country/city. It doesn't have to be the one he lives in, so dig deeper to find out which suburb or quaint town makes his heart race. It could be a foreign one, so remember its name.
Decide whether you want to go with an actual photograph or illustration of the city/town. The photographs are taken in a panoramic shot, where it would span wall space beautifully. Have someone photograph/sketch it for you at a high resolution and presto! Instant art. For the final touch, choose a neon-colored frame or a simple, solid black one for mounting.

Of Hobbies and Interests


A girl who loves to read will always appreciate the fact that the man in her life, loves to as well. Sharing a similar passion is invigorating and helps solidify communication. To have similar interests is a bonus, because couples bond more easily than others.
Nurture this area of interest by first examining what sort of genres turn him on, before researching for similar books. If he's into astronomy and the marvels of the universe, get him a set of Stephen Hawking's work.
If strong personality figures move him, then the biographies of Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Jr., or Woody Allen are worth a read. There are books available under all kinds of genres, so be sure to get the ones he'll most likely be happy to read.


If you'd like him to start reading a particular magazine, sign him up for a surprise subscription. Be certain they cover none of the things he doesn't care much for. Analyze him in a way that reveals what sort of magazine he'd be interested in. If he's the style-conscious sort, particular about what he buys and wears, then GQ or Esquire will do the trick.
If he's into gardening/interior design/art, there's Better Homes and Gardens, Architectural Digest, and Juxtapoz. Health and fitness magazines are a great subscription to have, especially if you want him to maintain a healthy lifestyle - there's Men's Health and Men's Fitness as your best picks.

Green Thumbs-Up

Small Saplings

He doesn't have to love gardening, but it would help if he liked the idea of plants at his workplace or home. If he's in his late twenties or older, then this gift would be quite idyllic. Young guys would rather have a gaming CD thrust at them, than a living thing to care for.
So again, do your research about if he even likes plants, since a lot of people don't really care much for flora. Get him something unusual or unexpected like a bonsai tree or a rare sort of flower. For help with this, check out websites like Plant Delights, Crocus, Spring Hill Nursery, and Bonsai Boy.

Homemade Goodness

A person who specially prepares something for another in the kitchen, carefully packaging it and then handing it over proudly, is hard not to fall in love with.
Not only is it a heartwarming gesture, but like the collage-making project, reveals how much effort was put into it. While it may seem simple to prepare goodies, there's a always a chance it can turn out not quite as what you imagined.
Practice with a batch of what you're going to prepare, before making the final lot. All-time favorites - assorted homemade jams, chocolates, cupcakes, stuffed croissants, and baklava. Buy a large mason jar or a box lined with butter paper depending on what you're packing, and carefully place into these your preparation.