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Retirement Gift Ideas

Roy D'Silva
A retirement is a wonderful opportunity for the company and its employees to present a token of their appreciation of the retiree's services offered. Here are some good options for retirement gifts.
A retirement happens once in a lifetime. Generally, when a person retires, the company or institute he or she was working for plan a retirement party as a mark of respect and farewell to the long-serving employee.
Though the memories of the retirement party will always remain, retirement gifts are something that will ensure those moments are never forgotten. A retirement gift can be something precious and worthwhile. It can either be expensive and rare, or it can be something very personal, which is touching.
A retirement gift is not something given everyday, therefore it has to be thoughtful and memorable. Also, these gifts should be long-lasting. Mostly, companies do have generic retirement gifts for their long-standing employees.
However, the employees can always pool in and select the perfect retirement gift. Obviously, the gift will differ according to the gender of the retiree. Choosing a retirement gift is not an easy task, but it is supposedly easier than choosing other gifts, like birthday gifts or anniversary gifts.
A person retires at around the age of sixty, and therefore, one can have a basic idea of what to gift to a man or a woman of that age.

Good Retirement Gift Ideas

After years and years of constantly balancing a work and home life, your retiring colleague will finally have some time for himself/herself. A time relax and let down her hair.
What better way is there really to do so than going on a vacation? So go ahead and gift your colleague a travel voucher for say a cruise trip that will be the ideal way to kick-start this period of prolonged freedom!
While most people plan for a lavish vacation post-retirement and with that comes a certain amount of preparations. Now, what you can do is, you can actually gift your colleague things which he/she can use during this vacation. Personalized stuff such as monogrammed luggage, books or DVDs to be enjoyed during travel. These are utility gifts which will show your thoughtfulness as well as practicality.
Throughout our working lives, most of us tend to cite time constraints as one of the primary reasons for neglecting fitness issues. In fact, advancing age should actually be considered reason enough to look after one's health even more.
After retirement, time should really not be a problem anymore. So to give your colleague a push in the right direction, gift him/her with a pair of jogging shoes or even a vibrant tracksuit.
Let us see what other inventive ways they cook up in order to address fitness issues after that! You can even get the person a gym or fitness center membership if you want. That will seal the deal.
You know the perfect gift to get your retiring colleague and friend start on the path of blissful relaxation? An awesome spa session! Go get a soothing spa treatment voucher for the person and you will gift him/her with a most pampered and comforting experience ever.
If you just cannot figure out what to give the retiring colleague and you are not that close to him, give gift certificates as a mark of your appreciation for his contributions.
After working with a person for so long, at least some of his colleagues will know his hobbies. Make use of this information and choose a gift in keeping with that. If the person likes to fish, give him a nice, high-end fishing rod. If he golfs, a golf kit would bring an ecstatic exclamation from him.
For people into the culinary arts, gift them crockery and cutlery. And, of course if he is a bookworm, you can choose anything from a library membership to a series of rare, vintage books.
If the retiring person is a woman, you can always gift a classy jewelry box or a stunning piece of jewelry. Dainty things always manage to get a smile on the face of women.
A lot of people are actually antique lovers. If your colleague incidentally and accidentally happens to be one of them, your job will be easier. Gift them with a classic antique mantle-top clock.
An exquisitely crafted timepiece is evidence of the company's nod to the years of service rendered by the retiree. Many larger companies do offer timepieces as a retirement gift. Also, watches are something that are used almost day in and day out, therefore, there won't be a moment in the day when the wearer will not remember the company.
When you personalize gifts, it tells the other person that you care and his/her choices make a difference. A mere pen set becomes his/her pen set when you monogram it.
Champagne flutes become his/her flutes when you etch the person's initials and the years of employment with the company onto them. So, go ahead and personalize it. Ownership is very dear to very individual. It gives a sense of pride.
Here is something very special you can do. I saved it for the last because it is very time-consuming, but it will do wonders and bring a smile on the face of the retiree. Make a photo album with photographs of the retiring person at various events in the workplace. Arrange the pics in the order of his achievements since the early days in the organization.
Of course, throwing a retirement/farewell bash is a grand way to celebrate a loyal employee's retirement. These moments can be given a personal touch by the other colleagues when they narrate incidents related to the retiree.
Some interesting anecdotes related to the person's contributions can be recounted. A Good retirement need not be flashy or exorbitant. It just needs to reflect the true appreciation of the company and the retiree's colleagues for the person.