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Gifts to Take to a Bachelor Party

Aastha Dogra
So, a close friend's bachelor party is approaching and you are in a fix. What to gift him? What will please him? Is a gift expected at all? Well, here are some ideas and tips on bachelor party gifts, which will help you decide better on what to do for your friend.
A bachelor party is usually organized a day before a man is due to get married. It is often looked upon as "the last day of freedom" in a man's life, before he is hooked for good. Normally, it is the friends of the groom who organize the party for him.
Whether it is drinks, food or entertainment for the party, each and everything is paid by the groom's friends. Although, carrying a gift to a bachelor party is not required, however, some close friends of the groom may actually like to do such a thing, to make the event even more special for their friend.
When it comes to bachelor party gifts, they can be anything, right from sentimental to useful to completely hilarious. You can choose from any of these, keeping in mind the kind of person the groom is as well as the things that appeal to him.

Gifts for a Bachelor Party

"Show" him a Good Time

Gifts for this party do not mean that you have to give the groom something tangible. Instead, a fun gift for him would be perhaps to hire a stripper and have her perform lap dance for him! This is one of the most entertaining ways in which you can make your friend enjoy the last moments of his bachelorhood!

Make him Feel Like a King

Whoever said that it's only women who need pampering, has absolutely no clue about what men need. So, for starters, book an upmarket venue for the party. Next, hire a limo which will pick him up and carry him to the venue.
You can even order some designer wear for him to wear at the party. Order the best of liquor and the most exquisite of cuisines. Hire a host especially for your friend, who caters to his needs throughout the party. At the end of the party, make sure that all the friends go to drop the groom to his place.
All these gestures, if planned well, can certainly turn out to be the most memorable gift your friend ever received from anyone. In case you are planning to make the party even more grand, you can have it in any of the famous destinations, such as Las Vegas, Vancouver, Manhattan, etc.

Some "Things" to Remember

If you want to gift your friend something as a remembrance for the party, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Here is a list of gifts that you can consider
  • A bachelor party T-shirt: You can find plenty of these online that have some hilarious quotes on them such as "Last fling before the ring", "Sorry ladies...I am taken" or "The doomed groom", etc.
  • A pack of sex game: These games provide a stepwise instruction on sex games for couples, to increase the bedroom fun. This makes it a perfect gift for someone about to be married.
  • A gift basket: Prepare a gift basket for your friend which has things like beer, whiskey, some gourmet foods, some funky liquor flasks, a bottle opener, etc., in it. A gift basket with such "manly" things is always welcome as a gift.
  • Gadgets: Want to play safe? Gift your friend some latest gadget. It can be an SLR camera, a GPS for golfers, a palm or a cell phone. Men love gadgets, so whatever you choose is sure to delight the groom-to-be.
  • A mement: The best way to make the party memorable is to have your friend's name, photograph, date of the party, imprinted on a souvenir and gift it to him. So, from then on, whenever he looks at it, he will be reminded of the time that he spent with you and the fun he had, at his bachelor party.
Besides the ones suggested above, some other interesting gifts are - a personalized cocktail shaker, beer mugs, a guide on how to make cocktails, an adventure tour for two, some funny gag gifts, to name a few.
Remember, a bachelor party is an event that most probably and God forbid, only comes once in a lifetime for any man! So, select the gifts well, make the day special for the groom-to-be and see to it that he has the fun of his life at the party!