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Going Away Gifts To Bid Farewell

Mamta Mule
Going away gift items need to be special and unique. If you are tired of browsing through those common gifts, there are unique and smart gifting ideas you can try.
Going away for a job or college? Leaving friends and family behind can be a hard experience. A gift can always be a great idea to restore the memories of this moment.
Even if your friend, colleague or boss is retiring or moving to another city or job, a gift can be a sweet way to wish him/her for the future. Some going away gifts ideas for coworkers can be really useful in such a situation.

Going Away Gift Ideas

Digital Clock

A digital clock is a wonderful gift item. This is especially a perfect piece of retirement gift for your boss. A digital clock that can be placed on the table is one of the best gift idea that you can consider. Available in a number of shapes and sizes with various features, you can pick one that fits in your budget.
Wrist watches can be a good idea, but they can look too personal, so opt for them only if you are gifting it to a very close individual.

Digital Frame

A digital photo frame that can be used to store photos and watch a constant slide show of the same is one of the smartest gifts for close friends. While photographs stay closed inside the albums, folders or in your memory, this one will keep them showing one after another.
You can get gifts in a smaller size which can be carried in the suitcase. When you search for going away gifts, choose pieces that can be carried easily.

Personalized Briefcase

Personalized gifts are special that can be gifted to your family members or friends. A formal briefcase personalized with recipient's initials will make a classic piece. A formal piece with initials written in a corner in small size of font is a good idea.
A clutch bag or a wallet with initials can be given to a woman, if you are searching for inexpensive gift ideas.

Printed Calendar

It is the most special and personalized going away gift item. Just get some photographs clicked during the days you spent together and choose one of the sites which offer personalized calendar services. Each of these pics will be used for calendar pages in the order you want and a unique calendar is ready. Choose the size and background colors and order it.

Laptop Sleeves

A mini laptop sleeve can be one of the best going away presents for him or her. Consider the place where the laptop will be carried, office, college or business meetings, and accordingly buy the laptop sleeve.
This can be one of the best homemade going away gift items as you can make it with a few, how-to instructions. Colors like pink, orange, yellow, white are best for girls. Black and browns in leather are best for gifting a formal piece to a guy or girl.
Going away gifts are very special and you can have the best ones selected from the lot. Remember to avoid giving gag gifts and homemade gifts to your boss. You can choose them for your friends and close colleagues. So which one is your pick?