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Thoughtful Going-away Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Naomi Sarah
It is sad to see a close co-worker making that transition to work in another company, or maybe decide that it's time to retire and finally kick back with all that hard-earned money. Find ways on how to bid them farewell through thoughtful gestures.
Co-workers over time become close friends after being together for so long in the same company. Many of us have kept in touch with our old colleagues even after we've parted ways and moved on to different workplaces.
There are some co-workers that have worked in the same organization for years and are now leaving for maybe a better opportunity elsewhere in the job scene, or moving out of town or retiring once they can see that they've worked enough to get to that point of halting their careers.
Whatever may be the cause for their leaving, it is nice when colleagues in an office, plan a little something special for the person going away to remember them by.
In order to come up with the perfect gift, you'd have to make it a unified attempt in giving something really reminiscent, and thoughtful. But before sweeping through the perfect gift, here's some elements to add an ace up your sleeve!

Don't Miss These...

  • Nostalgia
  • Personalized touch
  • Tickling the taste buds
  • Fun and frolic
  • Hush ... it's a secret!

Perfect Going-Away Gifts for Co-workers

When it comes to anyone leaving, arranging for a going-away gift is an obvious must. It isn't easy deciding on what to give that person, but if you won't see them again it makes it even harder to give them a gift that they'll cherish for a long time to come. So here are some suggestions on what you can give your coworker before he/she leaves the company.

Basket Full of Goodies

An ensemble of different gifts carefully wrapped and placed in a basket, is a great way of combining a different range of things that your coworker could really like.
A gourmet-esque mix of things always does well when it comes to gift baskets. You could put together a whole load of interesting stuff with everyone chipping in for the whole basket's get up.
You could include a bottle of champagne/fine wine, bottled olives, cheese, dark chocolate (liquor), truffles, rich coffee, organic eats, tea, packed seafood, candy and so on.
Sit and discuss with the others how you can put a mini gourmet basket together of the best hand selected items that will truly send out a warm message to your coworker.

Lavish Party Set Up

Everyone can brainstorm about how to plan a huge party, not in the office, but someplace else, like a private hall or at a fancy restaurant (coworker's favorite eating joint perhaps?).
You could decorate the place, hire a DJ, put together a special toast for them, make sure the place has amazing food and drinks where each one can bring with them a gift they'd like to give to their coworker.
It wouldn't have to be something outrageously expensive, but something that borders on memorable and heartfelt for the going-away colleague.

Surprise Air Tickets

If you're aware that your coworker was a dedicated and hardworking person who rarely ever took time off from work, then this would seem like a great way of chipping in to buy for him/her, tickets for two.
It could be a packaged deal which is extensively available online, and during off-peak season there are many reasonable plans that combine air tickets and hotel stays. It would be a nice surprise for your coworker who could take a couple of days off to someplace far away and exciting.

Digital Photo Frame

Have everyone take some time off from work to get together in different areas of the office and take goofy, wacky pictures, along with those that feature the whole bunch - and have at least 50 of them uploaded into a digital photo frame.
It's a great way of having your coworker remember everyone from work by keeping the photo frame on display wherever they are. Make the pictures interesting and have fun putting these together, to make your coworker look at them in amusement and joy.

Do Not Forget

... a camera, eatables, decorations, music system (if possible), pen and paper, games (if you plan to play any), and tissues of course!
Going-away gifts can be as extravagant or as simple as you'd like, with many inexpensive gifts that can still be touching and personal.
The best thing to do would be to know exactly what your coworker wishes he/she had, wishes where he/she could travel to, and sort of plan your gift based on that desire. Whatever you choose from the suggestions be it over-the-top or down-to-earth sweet and simple, that he/she will love it no less.