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Good Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Girija Shinde
Are you racking your brains, trying to think of good gifts for your mom? Well, then give yourself and your brain a little rest as we will provide you with some unique gift ideas that will surely surprise your mom.
Mum, you're the coolest one on this earth,
You've been my first and only love since the time of my birth.

As a kid, you would get me all dolled up in pink,
"You're my favorite girl", you would tell me with a wink.
As a teenager, when I became a rude and angry child,
Thank you Mom for being so tender, thank you for being so mild.

I am glad that even when I have grown up today and everything's good and new,
Every time I am with you, I am just that little girl for you.
Buying a gift is the least you can do to be thankful to her for all that she has done for you. But choosing a gift for someone as special as a mother is definitely not an easy task.
There are a plethora of options to choose from. But if you closely observe, you will notice that there are things she is in need of or has craved for but has simply been ignoring them and fulfilling some more of your luxuries instead! Just a bit of observation and you'll know what your mom would like. Go, buy her something special, today!


Women absolutely love jewelry and moms are no exception. If you want to put a smile on her face, a cute jewelry set of gold, silver or precious stones; as per her liking will do the trick. Team a pair of earrings with a necklace and ring, or get her a beautiful bracelet.


This is a very good idea if your mom is a plant-lover. Choose between indoor and outdoor plants. Plants enhance the beauty of a house and bring calmness and peace to the interiors. Choose flowering plants for your garden or small potted plants for the indoors.


Books are always a source of great entertainment and they are the best companions for anyone who loves to read. If your mom is an avid reader, get her books like fiction, non-fiction, romance or self-help books that she would love adding to her collection.

Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is a good gift idea. Gift her a personalized mug by printing her name or picture on it. You can even have a loving message printed on the mug.Have a picture of the two of you printed on the mug; it'll serve as a memento of your time spent together.

Comb and Brush Set

A comb and brush set can include combs and brushes of different types and sizes, and a mirror. Make sure you buy her one according to her hair length and texture. If you don't know much about hair types, go for the boar bristle brushes, which are good for any hair type.


There are a variety of scarves available in the market today. They come in different materials like wool, chiffon, silk or cashmere. You can go for bright or light colors depending on your mother's skin tone and likes.

Dream Vacation

So she has always dreamed of exploring the Hawaiian islands or of spending a romantic evening in Paris? Then why not buy her a ticket or a package to her dream destination? She will surely cherish these moments for years to come.


Gifting a handbag to your mom is a good idea. Tote, satchel, hobo and cross-body handbags are a few good options. You can even gift her a travel bag or a wallet.


Women love fragrances.Choose the fragrance your mother loves wearing. This fragrant gift is surely going to be cherished for long.

Wrist Watch

Gift your mom a watch. If you are looking for an expensive one, you can choose from brands like Rolex, Cartier, Chanel, etc. Choose what you like and what she would love wearing. Each time she sees the time, she is going to remember you!

Spa Coupons

For a mother, her family's needs come first. Sometimes, she gets so busy that she forgets to take care of herself. This is exactly when you can put spa coupons to use and let her pamper herself for a change.


If your mom is a tech-freak, buy her an iPad and she will use it for managing calendars, watching videos etc. Gift her an iPod if she loves listening to music, an iPhone, laptop or a camera if she loves photography.


Make a scrapbook of old photographs and fond memories of your childhood.
Club the pictures of all the special moments in your life, when you both were together, write about her, enliven memories when your mom stood by you, and showered with the love you needed the most. Write all that you want for your mom. Put all this together in a scrapbook and gift it to your mom.
Apart from these, you can even gift her something handmade like a card or a painting or even a photo album. You can couple your gift with flowers and a card wishing her all the happiness in the world.
One thing's for sure; your mom is going to love absolutely anything you gift her. Be it a handmade card or a Rado watch, she is going to appreciate your efforts and your feelings. So go ahead and make your mom feel special, for being what she is - the most wonderful mom in the world.