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Graduation Gifts for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is about to graduate and the big day is just round the corner. This day brings hopes, promises, and endless possibilities.
Stephen Rampur Mar 10, 2020
Thinking of some gifting options that would surprise him? A few things that you should keep in mind while choosing the gift are his tastes and the usability of the gift. Think about something essential that will help him in his further education/career.
An important aspect of choosing a gift, that should not be missed, is your budget. Choose a gift which would be useful and would fit in your budget. Contrary to the popular belief, personalized gifts are easy to make, require less time and can be relatively cheaper. With just a touch of creativity, you can turn a regular gift into a special one. As we all know, it is the thought that matters!

The Uncommon...

Pocket Watches

A classic and stylish gifting option, pocket watches are a hit even today. However, this is a costlier option, so you would want to consider your budget. However, your boyfriend will be more than obliged to flaunt his watch.

Picnic Bag

Whether he plans a trek, or a simple visit to the park, a backpack would come in handy. He can pack his food, drinks and his essentials comfortably, without worrying about spills or damage.

USB Turntable

If he is a kind of person who cherishes old music and records, then there can't be a better gift than a turntable!
A USB turntable is a device that allows you to convert the old LP tracks to digital form! These are available in all the leading stores. You can personalize this gift by recording an LP track in your voice, congratulating him on his success.

Messenger Bag

Stylish, useful, and trendy, bags are perfect as gifts for any occasion.
If your boyfriend is planning further studies or even otherwise, bags are the most used accessories. You can inscribe his name, his year of graduation or a message on the bag. This will remind him of you every time he uses the bag!

Beer Koozie

It's a universally known fact that guys love their beer over any other drink! How about gifting him a koozie with his name or some witty quote inscribed on it? You can also mention his school's name or his graduating year on the same.

Film Gift Box

Is he a movie buff? If yes, then there is nothing that he will cherish more than a set of DVDs.
Collect DVDs/CDs of his favorite movie and wrap them up in a cool gift box. Enjoy some quiet time by watching these movies with him! This would not only allow you to spend time together, but would help you bond better.

Gift Cards

In case you are in too much of a dilemma, a gift card is the right thing to give. Almost all leading brands have their own gift cards. Finalize on the budget and buy him a gift card of his favorite brand.

Certificate Frame

Graduating is one of the most important occasions of one's life. Keep this memory alive by getting his graduation certificate framed. He will be proud to show the frame and the certificate to his near and dear ones.

Few More...

Golf Kit

Weekly Planner

Mini Foosball Table

Hard Drive

Sports Event Tickets

Dog Tags


The Favorites...

If you don't wish to experiment with the gifting options, then you can opt for the common gifts, which are also the favorites among boys. These are commonly gifted for such special occasions. Though, these are common, they have their own charm! Also, these are one of the best and safest options, if you are new to the relationship and are unaware about his likings.



Gaming Console

Take Him Out...

The best gift that you can give anyone is your time. Your boyfriend will definitely be stressed out after completing his graduation, so take him outdoors and spend some time together. This is the best time that you both can get before he plans his future.

Go Camping

Get him a Massage

Dinner Date

Visit a Water Park

Scuba Diving

You may even think of other personalized gifts, like a pack of homemade cookies, chocolates, gift baskets, etc. When it comes to graduation gifts, it is suggested that you consider the 'indispensables' instead of the 'wants'. When presenting the gift, you can always give the most precious, warm, and affectionate gift, a loving 'hug'. :)