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Graduation Gifts for Nurses

Mukulika Mukherjee
Wondering what are the best graduation gifts for nurses? Well, you have come to the right place. Here are some innovative gift options for you to choose from.
Graduation is one of the most memorable milestones in life. It officially marks the transition of an individual from a student to a professional. It is an occasion which calls for celebration and receiving gifts from near and dear ones. But choosing the perfect gift for a graduate is not as easy as it sounds.
You need to choose a gift that is not only appropriate for the occasion but also appeals to the person receiving it. Does that mean you have to put in a lot of effort? Not quite, if you indulge a bit of creativity. Just have a look at some of these unique graduation gifts for nurses and find out how.

Graduation Gift Ideas for Nurses

So, you have a friend who is graduating as a nurse this year? Here are some nursing graduation gift ideas that are sure to make your friend happy.

Nursing Watch or Clock

This is one of the most appropriate gifts for nurses. Nurses have to constantly be on their toes attending to patients. So, a clock or a watch will be of immense help to them. However, instead of gifting another everyday watch, you can opt for something unique: a nursing watch. It is nothing but any watch designed with nursing as a theme.
An example could be a beautiful watch with a white dial and with nursing symbols as hour markers. There can be a  miniature syringe at three, a cute bottle of pills at six, a pretty nurse cap at nine and the medical symbol at twelve! There can be clocks with a nurse theme in the background. A unique gift such as this, is sure to be treasured forever.

Personalized Gifts

As the name suggests, a personalized gift is all about making the person who receives the gift, feel special.
Gift the graduating nurse an apron, a nursing cap, a stethoscope, nursing gloves and other such things that he/she might need to use daily, with his/her name imprinted on it.
If your friend is fond of coffee, gift a personalized coffee mug as well! This may call for a bit of extra effort on your side, but we can assure you that it will be entirely worth it.

Nurse's Prayer Picture Frame

This is a traditional graduation gift for nursing students. It is a picture frame with the nurse's prayer printed in beautiful letters on one half, and on the other half, you can place a smiling picture of the graduating nurse. This prayer, recited by every nurse on the graduating day, is close to a nurse's heart, which makes this gift all the more special.

Nurse Theme Accessories

This is another great graduation gift for students. Range of nurse-themed accessories are also available. Rings, bracelets with red cross designs on a white background  and wooden medical symbol earrings can be pretty gifts.
Neckties can be ideal graduation gifts for male nurses. You can also make an extra effort and choose pins and badges with quotes like, "Nursing Rocks!" printed on them. You can even gift a silver graduation pin. Small things like these can make a big difference!

Gift Cards

A graduating nurse will need certain things pertaining to the nursing profession. A new set of uniform, a stethoscope and a nursing kit, are among them.
Although you may be willing to go all the way to get these things for him/her, a gift card is always a better idea. This is because he/she can use the gift card to buy stuff of their own choice. The best part is that you can never go wrong with a gift card! So, go ahead and present a gift card. This gesture of yours is sure to be appreciated.


A t-shirt is a gift idea that can simply never go wrong! You can choose a t-shirt with cool words such as "Angel on Duty" or "Nurse 2011" printed on it along with funky nurse themed cartoons.
If your friend is fond of their college, you can even get the college logo printed on a trendy t-shirt in their favorite color. They will be more than glad to receive it. A t-shirt is also a nice gift idea for male nurses.


Crystals are another brilliant gift idea. You can gift beautiful artifacts in crystal or get a dazzling crystal rock with the name and a congratulatory message, engraved on it.
If your friend is fond of jewelry, gift her delicate crystal-studded jewels for her graduation. Gifts for nurses can also include bright-colored crystal paperweights with the medical symbol engraved on the surface. Or, gift sparkling bejeweled badge holders and watch your friend's face light up!

Colorful Gift Bag

Get a colorful gift bag and stuff it with anything and everything you feel your friend may like.
You can include pretty colorful key chains, mousepads in unique themes, attractive badge holders, etc. Then embellish the bag with vibrant ribbons, tassels or beads. Gifting it along with a congratulatory card will bring a smile to the face of the graduating nurse.

Lamp of Knowledge

A lamp of knowledge, the symbol of nursing education, is a meaningful graduation gift for nurses. Florence Nightingale was the founder of nursing and so it is also referred to as "Nightingale lamp".
Every nurse carries a lamp of knowledge on the graduation day as a part of the nursing ceremony. So, gifting a ceramic battery-powered lamp will really prove useful. You can also gift your nursing graduate small lamp-of-knowledge pins or pendants in gold or silver.

An Unforgettable Experience

Confused with this idea? Well, it means that you gift your graduate nurse something that she will cherish for a lifetime. This can be anything. It all depends on what he/she really loves.
You can surprise them with passes for a concert where their favorite singer would be performing or plan a surprise adventure trip. Another idea is to gift your graduating nurse a spa voucher. After a long period of strict deadlines and examination stress, this is something she will be thrilled to receive.
So, this was about some of the graduation gifts for nurses. You can also incorporate your own ideas and come up with some unique homemade gifts that your nursing graduate will cherish forever!