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11 Great Gift Ideas for Diabetic People

Sheetal Mandora Mar 6, 2020
An overall sense of eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to managing diabetes. Your choice in gifts for diabetic people should reflect this opinion. For some helpful suggestions, read the following story.
"A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver."
- Thomas à Kempis
As sweet as this quote is, gift giving is so much more than just purchasing an item for someone; there is a feeling of mutual respect, love, and admiration. Whenever we think about getting a gift for someone, we immediately make a mental note of the things the person likes and dislikes.
So, while you have to brainstorm a list for someone with diabetes, the task may be trickier than expected. And that's where we come in. Instead of letting you go through it alone, we have compiled a somewhat hefty list of gift ideas; take a look.

Important Note: Even though the gifts are numbered, they have been presented in no particular order.

Personalized Tote Bags

A tote bag is stylish, comfortable, and practical. To add a bit of twist to the gift, print a quirky quote on the bag to personalize it.

Baskets of Fruits and Vegetables

Sign them up with a 'Month Club'. But we're not talking about just any club; our suggestion was, is, and will always lean towards 'healthy'. There are many online stores that send fruit and vegetable baskets each month.
Sounds fun, doesn't it?! A point to remember here, diabetics can consume 'sweet' fruits too, as long as one serving contains 15 grams of carbohydrate. Hence, the size of the serving will depend on the carbohydrate content of the fruit.

Jar of Rolled Oats

Every day should begin with a heart-healthy breakfast. A breakfast cereal in a jar is one of the best gift ideas for someone with diabetes.
Apart from rolled oats, you can select cereals that are whole grain and high in fiber; and strictly no sugary cereals.


Cookbooks that have recipes designed specifically for people with diabetes is always a win-win idea. There are literally hundreds of books out there. All you have to do is research on a few books that provide delicious and healthy recipes.

Tea Cans

A refreshing cup of tea is blissful; and that's what your gift will be. Grab different kinds of tea like chamomile, cinnamon, oolong, and peppermint, and put them in various cans to make your present.

Books on Diabetes

This may sound weird, but I'm going to take a quote from G.I. Joe to explain the inclusion of this gift -... knowing is half the battle. When you know what you're dealing with, half the task is over.
Gathering as much information as possible will help a diabetic person understand and deal with his/her condition.

Dark Chocolate Bars

I know, I know. You were wondering when would I mention the chocolates. Even though chocolate isn't considered 'healthy', it can make its way to a diabetic person. While consumed in moderation, choose dark chocolate bars with 65% or higher cocoa content.

Slow Cooker (food not included)

Foods cooked in a slow cooker don't require oil as there is enough moisture in there, you can trim the fat on your meat, and the nutrients are retained as the lid is tightly sealed.
For working individuals, cooking can be a tedious task sometimes. Ease their troubles by giving them a slow cooker that will do the job for them. It's easy to say, "Eat healthy", but when it comes down to doing it, the task is much tougher than it seems.

Bottle of Champagne

A little celebration every now and then is always welcome. However, for a diabetic person, knowing how alcohol will affect them and the diabetes is important. As a good thought, you can include a note about some 'safe drinking guidelines' along with your gift.

Soup in a Can

Incorporating non-starchy vegetables in their diet is advisable for diabetics.
This is because these specific vegetables are low in calories and fat-free. So, instead of getting store-bought soups, why not mix all the dry ingredients for the soup, and attach the recipe as your gift. It's easily achievable; plus, it'll mean so much to the person receiving the gift.

Jar of Almonds (and other nuts)

Known as a superfood, almonds and other nuts are loaded with 'good' fats.
This aids in lowering your insulin levels and controls blood sugar. Also, nuts are a good source of vitamin E, fiber, and magnesium; but they are high in calories. Since you're taking care of what you choose to gift a diabetic person, do keep in mind all the good and bad points of the edible gifts.
Although a diabetic person is aware of his/her condition and follows diet regulations religiously, it is your duty to keep those rules in mind as well. Giving a gift, that too an edible one, requires utmost care and consideration.