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9 Great Gift Ideas for Interior Designers

Cheryl Mascarenhas
At some point of time, we all need that creative genius in the form of an interior designer who can give a vibrant touch to our homes. There's nothing that will touch his/her aesthetic sense, especially when it comes to gifts; however, there is no harm in trying. Here are few gift options that could catch his fancy.
Interior design is all about the ability to transform an ordinary space into a beautiful, well-designed and functional environment.
Art is what describes a designer best, and it is imperative that their gifts resound his/her love for beauty. You can say, an interior designer has an eye for things that are uniquely appealing, which is why it is important you choose something that is out of the blue.
It makes sense to take into consideration his special interests, which will help you decide on the best possible gift for your designer friend.

Apart from books and collectibles, an interior designer would definitely like a gift that promotes his talent. You can choose to give magazine subscriptions, personalized journals, diaries, and coffee table books.
Apart from the customary gifting ideas, you can also sponsor a webpage or blog where he can showcase and publicize his skill. Among the other gifts, your designer friend will be more than pleased to receive an iPad or tablet that he can use as a brochure on-the-go.
A dreamer, romantic, and a designer would definitely like a gift that brims with the theme of romance.
The Romantic
An artistic candle stand, is the perfect gift for such an individual. You could also consider gifting fragrant candles and oil dispensers.
Punctual, precise, and perfect are the virtues that describe your friend who keeps up with the promised time.
The Time Keeper
The only gift appropriate for someone like him is a unique or different wall clock or table clock. Think vintage when hunting for a clock though. A wrist watch would also be a great gift idea for your interior designer friend.
As a designer, he promotes reusing, revamping, and recycling old things into new, thus leaving a green mark on planet Earth.
The Eco-friendly
Such a person would absolutely love receiving gifts that are nature-friendly, and a wicker basket is, by far, the best possible gift that will catch his fancy.
The Coffee Enthusiast
How much coffee is too much? You would rather not ask a question like this, but on the contrary, present him a set of handcrafted coffee mugs or antique tea cups. As an alternative, you could paint a couple of cups yourself, and present this as a gift to your friend.
He is at his creative best during those late night hours or the wee hours of dawn. The only way you can applaud his dedicated passion for creativity is by presenting him unique lampshades.
The Midnight Oil Burner
The Wonderful Host
Apart from being a designer, your friend may love to host parties where he loves to serve delicacies in a fashionable way. Chinaware, antique pot, pans, and serving trays are sure to be a hit with such individuals.
The Musically Inclined
You can tell when your friend, eats, drinks, and lives music 24X7, besides incorporating rhythm in his work environment. For obvious reasons, a gift best suited for such individuals are exceptional pieces of headphones and portable speakers. You can also present him a player reminiscent of the bygone era.
The Collector
You wouldn't really call your friend a junkie, but his art collection is what defines his taste and is the talk of the town. The only gift I could think of for someone like him, is a piece of art that is unique and aesthetically pleasing.
The Practical Thinker
Your friend believes in being practical, and his ideas really make sense, then a gift that is useful and serves the purpose becomes most valid. Gifts for such individuals include business card holders, purses, and wallets.
Apart from these gifts you can also gift personalized T-shirts, vintage wine bottles, and artistic pieces of furniture. You could also sponsor a trip to a place renowned for its architecture to inspire and motivate him for future projects.