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Homemade Chocolate Gift Ideas

Tulika Nair
One of the best gifts that you can give anyone is a box of chocolates and what can make it even more special are homemade chocolates. We give you some gift ideas that you can use to give people gifts that they want.
Did you know that chocolate is often referred to as the food of Gods and it is not without reason. After all what is more delectable and deliciously intoxicating as chocolate. In any of its myriad forms, chocolate has a way of hypnotizing the person eating it.
Today chocolate is one of those food items that make for brilliant gifts. But why stick to the store made, boxed versions when you can make chocolate at home. We give you some ideas that you can use.

Chocolate Gift Ideas that you can Make at Home

Many people think that making chocolate at home is a difficult task and they will balk at the idea of doing anything that is faintly expert like. But the fact of the matter is that chocolate is not that difficult a medium to work with and once you get the hang of it, you can try to do the same things that an expert chocolatier does.

Art you can Eat

Have you ever thought of creating pieces of art with chocolate? Well, the process is not simple but it is a brilliant gift idea. All you need are different types of chocolates that you can melt to create edible paint and brushes for each of the chocolate paint that you are using. You can also buy chocolate dyes to produce a myriad of different colors.
You can choose to use a steel tray or cardboard as the base of the painting. Next you need a printout of the painting that you want to create. Paste this on the cardboard and cover it with parchment paper. Now you can start painting with chocolate using the picture as a stencil. Start with the darkest shade of chocolate and end with the lightest shade.
Always ensure that the molten chocolate is not too hot as that will cause air bubbles to be formed. When you are done with the painting, allow it to stay so that it can become firm and you can then turn it over and place it in a gift box.

Basket of Temptation

So, you have been making different types of chocolates for a really long time now? What better way to put these skills to use then to make a gift basket that combines all the different types of chocolates that you are adept at making?
From liqueur chocolates to fruit and nut covered chocolate, from white chocolate to dark bitter chocolate, it is up to you to expand your horizons and create many different types of chocolates that your family member or friend is sure to like.
Make different compartments in the gift basket for every type of chocolate that you can think of and make. You can also learn to make chocolate lollipops if you do not already know how to. These are a favorite with many people. Pay attention to the packaging of the gift basket.
Most people prefer to place everything in a wicker basket but if you, then you could opt for a neutral colored box, and make tiny packages of everything that you are placing in it. It is very difficult to go wrong with a chocolate gift basket.

Melt and Mold

Making a chocolate sculpture may seem like a difficult task but that could be far from the truth.
There are two ways of making a chocolate sculpture, one would be to use a mold to create a sculpture of your choice and the second way would be to make chocolate clay. If you are used to make clay models, then the second method is a much easier method.
Just melt the chocolate that you have and then add some corn syrup to the molten chocolate. Now pour this mixture on paper that has been waxed and spread it all over the wax paper till it is about half an inch thick. Cover it with a layer of waxed paper. You can use the chocolate clay after it has been allowed to stay for about three hours.

States of Matter

Chocolate is tasty regardless of which form it is in. Cakes, cookies, pure chocolate, liquid chocolate; there is absolutely no way to resist chocolate whichever form it is in. So, if you want to gift someone chocolate, then this one of the things that you could do.
Create chocolate goodies in different forms. Bake a decadent chocolate cake, melt in your mouth cookies, chocolate covered fruits, chocolate candies, liquid chocolate in a bottle. You can go crazy with the myriad varieties of chocolate that you can gift someone. This is one of the best gifts you can give someone who is absolutely crazy about chocolate.
These are just some of the many homemade chocolate gift ideas that you can try out if you are planning to gift a loved one some tasty treats. Hopefully, these ideas will be easy to follow and allow you to create some true works of art.