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Homemade Fruit Baskets

Sheetal Mandora
Preparing homemade fruit baskets can be a wonderful addition to your dining table or it can come in handy while presenting as a gift to someone. If you fancy creative homemade gifts for someone, here's an story that might interest you...
Many times, at the time of giving gifts to people, our brain can refuse to work with us. It literally disagrees with the choices we come up with because let's face it, another perfume, watch, or photo frame is too much to handle.
We've all been on the other side, receiving gifts from our family and friends and hope to God that this time, someone has a new idea or thought for what to gift you. Well, how about when things are reversed?
When it's time for you to give a gift to someone special, a family member or a dear friend, does your mind always wander off to the cliché gifts that everyone is running after? It's not an uncommon thing because we all do it.
So, isn't there a way to outdo yourself this time around and come up something that is completely out of the ordinary, adds a sweet gesture to your gift, and doesn't even break the bank? Of course, there is.
The answer is, fruit baskets. Homemade gifts are very personal because you are taking the time and effort to make the entire gift from start to finish. If you've never made a gift before, and that too a fruit basket, then you will need help visualizing them.
In this story, we have given you some images and a little bit of explanation about various baskets that can be made right in your kitchen. Take a look.

Homemade Fruit Gift Baskets

Making a fruit basket doesn't necessarily mean you place each and every fruit you can get your hands on and tie a pretty bow on top. Plus, you don't necessarily have to be an expert like Martha Stewart to make a fancy fruit basket.
With one or two different fruits, you can easily create a wonderful gift for someone. And, if you're just looking to make a gorgeous basket for yourself, it can be done in a jiffy.
A Citric Treat
Depending on the different citric fruits you are adding to the basket, the size of the basket should be selected. You don't want the fruit to overflow from the basket or have so much space left that the entire gift looks weak.
When you have the right basket, you can fill it with few firm oranges, lemons, mandarins, tangerines, and tangelos. To infuse vibrant colors to your basket, you can keep the leaves on few oranges and tangerines. This way, the balance between yellow, orange, and green will give your fruit basket a fabulous glow.
An Apple a Day
Here's a wonderful idea; if a family member or friend hasn't been feeling well, a basket filled with colorful apples can liven things up. It's true; an apple a day definitely helps keep the doctor away.
It makes for an amazing gift as it is extremely thoughtful. Get a wicker basket and arrange firm and glossy green and red apples in it. You don't even have to put an embellishments on the basket. Just stick a note on top and you're good to go.
Mixed Fruit Basket
Preparing a basket filled with fresh seasonal fruits is a classic idea. You don't have to think too much about what to add in the basket as the combination of all fruits livens everything.
While arranging them in the basket, don't shy away from being creative with the decor as it will only make the gift that much attractive. Whenever there is a housewarming party, a mixed fruit basket is the right choice.
It's Berry, Berry Nice
Give me strawberries, blueberries, or any other kind of berries, and I'm happy. These fruits are not just wonderful to look at, they are amazing in flavor and nutrition.
Now although berries are a bit expensive than other fruits in the grocery store, nothing says "You're special" like a basket of assorted berries. This fruit basket can be delicate, need not be a larger than life deal, and can easily make for a perfect gift for someone super special.
Basket for Two
And finally, a basket for two. Grab two of your favorite fruits and make a basket. It might not seem grand, but it sure serves the purpose.
You can even make this fruit basket for someone's birthday or plan a small picnic in the park. This also gives you an idea of preparing a mini picnic basket with forks, some gourmet cheeses, and perhaps a bottle of wine.
Apart from the different ideas mentioned above, you would like to know how to make fruit baskets, read the GiftinGlory article on how to make a fruit basket for more help. See how easy it is to make these lovely baskets! You can easily get your choice of fruits and create a wonderful gift for someone or an attractive, nutritious treat for your family.