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Homemade Graduation Gift Ideas

Kashmira Lad
A thoughtful gift has the power to make someone feel loved and happy. When a student graduates, a homemade gift will be a perfect idea to mark the special occasion. You need not rack your brains, we have some amazing ideas already listed for you.
Graduation day holds a lot of importance for a student as it marks a beginning of a new phase in life. This is a special time as it also means that he is about to realize his dreams and ambitions. A thoughtful gift to commemorate this occasion will make them feel very special.
Thinking about gift ideas for such a momentous occasion often poses a challenge for many. It needs to be unique and encouraging as well. Homemade gifts are definitely better than any other anything bought off the shelf. We have many such homemade graduation gift ideas, which you can use to add a personal touch for the occasion.

Treasure the memories with a SCRAPBOOK!

A truly unique idea would be to make a scrapbook or a photo album that includes photographs of memorable moments. These photographs can be with friends and family.
Handwritten sentences from loved ones can truly make the entire album a memorable one. These personalized scrapbooks can turn into keepsakes, which the recipient will remember throughout life!
Photographs can also be used to make calendars. These can be created on the computer, and all you gotta do is take prints of the same. Motivational slogans for every month can also be added in the design.

Say it with a CARD!

Sometimes simplest words make the biggest impact. Just a greeting saying "WE are proud!" gifted by parents means more than anything to a graduate. Simple and short messages are sure to reach the heart. You can also make funny cards for friends or siblings.
A creative person can put their creativity to use by making such cards. Colorful chart paper, paints, beads, etc. can be used to create a beautiful card that has the right visual and wordings.

A comfy gift - PILLOW!

You can make a pillow cover that marks the momentous occasion. This can be done by using fabrics that symbolize the colors of the institute or high school. Using stencils, the initials can also be embroidered as a design element.
If possible, the high school emblem can also be stitched as a pattern. This design can also be used on a homemade sweater or muffler.
Handpainted T-shirts can be another innovative idea for homemade graduation gifts. Here, one can either paint a symbolic picture on the front or even have a motivational quote. A T-shirt that is painted at home has its own beauty! The gift will also remain truly unique as it will not be available anywhere else! One can even make a collection of gift items.
An embroidered handkerchief, handcrafted jewelry, paintings etc. are great personal gifts. Graduation day is a day to celebrate and homemade presents will make the day even special! Use these ideas to make the new graduate happy, as he/she is about to begin life on a fresh note.