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Express Your Gratitude With These Homemade Retirement Gifts

Neha Joshi
Homemade retirement gifts do make the whole gesture seem very special, don't they? If you are looking for some ideas on these, read this information. It will give you some unique ideas related to homemade retirement presents. You sure want to know them, don't you?!
Retirement is a very important part in people's lives, perhaps the last milestone. Reaching this milestone needs a celebration, one that does true justice to the occasion. When you are invited to attend one of these parties, what do you take along as a gift? Well, there are so many options that exist.
A watch, a few memberships, a collection of some movies and the list might just never end. However, what if you are allowed to take only homemade retirement gifts, and nothing that can be bought at a price.
Ideally, no one would ask that out of you but preparing something yourself is always a great deal than settling for something that anyone else could have bought as well. If the retiring member is family, it is important that you make this special for him or her. This is why we shall check out some really unique ideas on homemade gifts for retirement parties.

Unique Homemade Retirement Gifts

A Diary!

A homemade diary is a very special gift for someone who has just retired.
You are in a way giving that person, a platform to record some emotions on the day of retirement. A diary is your constant companion, one in sadness, happiness and most important of all, loneliness. The age, at which people usually retire, chances are they are widowed.
This diary can thus, be a perfect gift for someone who has just said goodbye to work forever, and a hello to some personal indulging. To make a homemade diary, you can spirally bind all the blank papers you find at home.
The sizes of these papers don't have to be exactly the same, but approximate. Try to get your hands on some recycled paper to give it a slight homely feel. Make the cover harder using cardboard and decorate the cover with some nice concept. Don't forget to write the person's name.

A Complete Photo Album

A photo album is another great option. It records the memories a person has had in his entire life. This recording of memories makes it even more beautiful to cherish them. If a family member has retired, this is undoubtedly the perfect gift for him.
Hunt down some old family photographs and stick them on different sheets of blank paper, with different colors. Bind these papers together once you are done and write a small note at the start.
If there are more people in the photographs, ask them to write something too. Also put in some papers with no photographs. The retired individual might want to add to it sometime. This idea is indeed going to bring a long-lasting smile, isn't it?

Some Combined Effort

This is one of the humorous homemade retirement gift ideas. Get a huge paper scroll and make sure you can write down 100 or so points in it. You can make this scroll yourself too! Just take a white cloth and stitch the ends. Put two wooden rods at each end and you're done!
Write down the numbers 1-101 on this scroll with enough space in the front, to write at least a sentence. Start making a funny list of 101 ways to look and feel young after retirement. Leave some spaces out, and ask people at the party to contribute some.
If there is no party, ask family and friends of that person to help. It might look difficult, but you can finish this faster than you think. Also decorate the scroll a little bit so that it doesn't look very boring.


This is a great option if it's a woman who is retiring. Make her some homemade accessories to go along with her casual wear. Making homemade jewelry isn't difficult at all and you may know a few tricks yourself. She will love what you give her anyway, all woman love all types of jewelry.
Gift her something simple and nice as she won't be attending many formal parties from now on. Gifting jewelry will also help her financially as she won't have to buy it herself!
Other accessories such as homemade envelopes, pen stands, newspaper racks, medicine boxes and sauces/pickles can also be gifted to both men and women. In the end, more than the gift, the gesture is going to be in the limelight!
These were some of the most interesting and unique homemade retirement gifts you can gift to people who have just retired. Retirement is all about relaxation and the life ahead. Make sure whatever you make, relates to the concept of retirement.
At a retirement party, the hosts are expecting gifts that will prove to be useful in their lives from now on, gifts that have some utility. For this reason, avoid gifting something that has only decoration value. After these ideas, you won't need to think anyway, isn't it?