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Homemade Romantic Gifts for Men

Kashmira Lad
If you are tired of buying gifts off the shelf and wish to give your man something really special, here we give you some ideas for homemade romantic gifts for men to add that personal touch.
Homemade romantic gifts are the ideal way to express your love when you wish to add a personalized touch to the same. Whatever the occasion, it would always be a better idea to surprise your man with a personalized homemade gift rather that buying it off the shelf!
Homemade gifts have that extra edge over those bought from the store - exclusivity and the fact that you have made an extra effort for your loved one. This goes a long way in expressing what you feel about the person. Here are some homemade romantic gifts for men.

Cook a meal

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Cliché, but true! You can plan this for a weekend and call him over for a weekend full of romance and complete pampering.
Chuck out those menu cards of fast food eat outs, he must be probably eating out many times during the week. Make a handmade invite that displays the items prepared, and let him have his pick. This is one time when you can pamper him in true style.
There could be nothing better than this homemade gift and besides; you can make it really romantic by spicing up the interiors of the house as well. Bring out the beautiful drapery, and deck up your home with the presence of fresh flowers! This is bound to delight any man provided you know the fine art of cooking!


Homemade romantic gifts for men can include something created by you if you have that flair for painting.
How about painting a soothing landscape or a special moment that represents something specific and special between the both of you? It could the place where you first met or even a portrait, which would depend upon your talent with the brush. Get the painting framed, and hang it in his bedroom to remind him of the immense love you feel for him.

Make a gift basket

This gift can be handmade in every special way. Gift baskets prove to be an ideal homemade romantic gift idea for men if you manage to gather the right elements for the same.
Bake some cookies, and make romantic cards with your own words. Add his favorite perfume along with the most treasured photos of your special moments. Add CDs of his favorite music and even a romantic movie. This gift basket, which is arranged by you personally, will surely have a better result than buying the ready-made stuff available in the malls.

Paint a Tee

This homemade romantic gift for your guy can be flaunted with great pleasure if you have that creative streak in you.
Buy a simple white tee, and use your creativity to paint it as per your likes. It could be a snazzy graphic or a very witty message; the choice is yours! A personalized message would also be an even better idea!

Love coupon

These can be completely homemade and you both can enjoy as a couple! Prepare love coupons and use different options for each, such as a basket full of red roses or dinner at the snazziest restaurant. Use this option creatively to find things you both enjoy doing!


Ditch the computer for a change, and write an old-fashioned love letter to him. Make a pretty card to accompany.
Talk about all the love you feel for him and about all the special moments shared. Make him feel special in every way and let him know how much he means to you. Snail mail the same thing to his address!
Use these ideas for homemade romantic gifts for men to express your profound love for him in a special way!