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The Right Housewarming Gift Etiquette

Aastha Dogra
Is it alright to accept gifts from invitees at a housewarming party? Should one get a gift for hosts at a housewarming party? The given information answers all such questions by suggesting proper housewarming gift etiquette...
Whenever someone moves into their new home, they want to decorate it in a style that is a reflection of them. Once the interior decoration is over, the homeowners would naturally want their friends and family to come and see their abode. This is the reason why housewarming parties have become so popular.
Housewarming parties are organized by the home owners to welcome their near and dear ones into their new home. Housewarming parties, most of the time, are just a small affair, where handful of close people are invited.
When it comes to bringing gifts for the hosts to such parties or accepting gifts from the invitees by the hosts, there is a lot of confusion as to what is the appropriate etiquette for the same. Here we help you to allay all such confusions...

What the Hosts should Do...

Let's start with what the hosts should/shouldn't do with regards to the gifts for a housewarming party. Expecting any kind of gifts, from your guests, at a housewarming parting, is a complete no. You should ideally not mention it at all to your invitees.
In fact, the invitations should read "no gifts please". At the same time, if the invitees themselves ask you, what they should bring for you or they ask you some questions with regards to your home d├ęcor so that they can get something which goes with it, it is absolutely all right to answer their queries.
These days, many people are registering for housewarming party gifts, however this does not show good on the part of the hosts and hence, should be avoided. Another important thing that hosts should remember is that if the invitees get gifts for them at the party, however close and thick they are, never ever open the gifts then and there.
Wait for the party to get over and then open your gifts. If you open them at the party, the ones who have not got you something or those who have brought small gifts, might start feeling awkward. So, to avoid such a situation, open gifts only after the party is over. Also, all the guests who got you gift, should be sent a thank you note, post the party.

What the Guests should Do...

Although, the hosts are not expecting any gift from you, it would really make them happy, if you get something for them. Your gift need not be very expensive, it can be a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers, but do not go empty handed.
Some of the gifts that you can consider are - a decoration piece, potted plant, scented candles, a gift basket with cookies and chocolates and a gift certificate for an interior decoration store.
For giving housewarming gifts with proper etiquette, when you reach the host's house, give the gift personally to them. However, at no point make a huge thing about your gift, cause it might discomfort those guests who have not got a gift.
It is clear that while hosts should not expect any gifts, yet if their friends and family get one for them, they should accept it with appreciation and thank them for it. However, there is an exception to this rule.
If it's not the host, but a friend of theirs who is throwing a housewarming party for them, in such a case, it is all right for the said person to suggest the invitees what to gift the hosts.