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How to Make a Wine Gift Basket

Anuja Marathe Kanhere
Are you looking for some personalized gifting ideas for a colleague's birthday? One all time favorite option happens to be a wine gift basket. Here is how you can make it.
Wine gift baskets are readily available in supermarkets or on online gifting websites. These options might be tempting, but they are really expensive.
Then again, there is no personal touch to such gifts. Creating wine gift baskets at home is not a difficult task. It needs you to display some sense of imagination and a keen eye for art. I have listed out some easy steps to help you make wine gift baskets on your own.

Ideas to Make Wine Gift Baskets

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Preferences of Recipients
One of the first steps in making wine gift baskets is to understand the tastes and preferences of the gift's recipient. Is the recipient a man or a woman?
Does he or she like any particular kind of wine? At times, it is fine to gift a wine that you liked, especially when you want the recipient to taste it as well. Choose a wine that makes for a good party wine.
Wine gift baskets are not to be gifted with a singleton bottle. It is to be decorated with a few additional things to make it more attractive.

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Wine Bottle
You may buy a good wine bottle from the supermarket or online stores. Check out for the manufacturing date of the wine. Vintage wines are costly but make for an ideal gift.
Gift Basket
One of the most popular basket used for this purpose is the wicker basket. However, you may choose options such as the picnic basket, straw basket, metal wire mesh basket, wine barrel basket, the champagne bucket, etc.
Check to see how the bottle looks when you set it in the basket. You also need to look out for some extra space, basket depth and sturdiness before you pay for the basket.
Basket Liners
Consider purchasing basket liners such as colored paper, gelatin paper, tea towels, ribbons, or printed napkins. Some of these items may already be at home, so check before buying.
Basket Fillers
Basket fillers can be planned based on the gift items that you wish to give in addition to a wine bottle. Else, you may select wine basket themes like summer theme basket, Italian theme basket, etc.
Some popular wine basket fillers options are listed below:
  • Wine glasses
  • Wine towels
  • Wine bottle holder
  • Wine bottle openers, cork and coasters
  • Chocolates and dry fruits
  • Cheese, truffles, crackers and cookies
  • Music CDs
  • Assorted fresh fruits
  • Gift vouchers
  • Bath and spa products
  • Aroma candles and aroma gels
Additionally, you need to randomly place secondary fillers like shredded color paper, Styrofoam confetti balls, dried or paper flowers, crushed paper balls, etc., along with the mentioned primary fillers.
You may go for a cellophane basket wrapper to cover the basket. You may also buy a large ready-made gifting bow or a bunch of ribbon that matches the colors and theme of the basket.
Basket Wrappers and Ribbon
Setting the Wine Gift Basket
After you finish shopping for the necessary things, it is time to set up the things within the basket. Start with lining the basket with the lining material that you purchased.
Make the lining fill up maximum area of the basket. In case of wicker baskets, use tiny colored paper balls to pack up some large crevices on the wicker surfaces.
Now spread the secondary fillers within the basket in an assorted natural way.
Put the wine bottle in the basket along with fillers like wine glasses, chocolates, etc. Use small pieces of scotch tape or cellulose tape to secure the bottle and fillers to the basket, ensuring the tape is as invisible as possible. This prevents shifting inside the basket.
Wrap the wine gift basket by placing it in the center of a cellophane wrapper sheet on a flat surface. Pull up the four ends of the sheet at the top of the basket, ensuring the wrapping is neither too loose nor too tight. Secure the ends with scotch tape.
Use the ready-made ribbon bow to tie around the top of the basket. In case you wish to make the ribbon bow at home, care to make it large using multiple knots. Try to make the knot loops as large as possible.
As a final touch, attach your name card on top of basket to let the recipient know who gifted the basket. And your wine gift basket is ready to go!
Sounds terrific and creative isn't it? Yes, making wine gift baskets is as easy as it sounds. And be assured, that your gift is bound to be the most unforgettable one for its recipient.