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8 Insanely Cool Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Rujuta Borkar
Know someone who is mad about cats? Floor them with these amazing cat-themed gift ideas that we have lined up for you.

Combine the Loves

For personalized cat gifts, think about a favorite hobby or interest of theirs and then gift them a cat-themed gift in combination with that.
When it comes to cats and anything related to them, cat lovers are borderline obsessive. It's easy to tell a cat lover from the rest of the crowd―crouching as they do to pet random cats on the street, making weird sounds that are overflowing with love. And if it isn't this, it's always the profusion of things that center around them that shout feline love.
Cat lovers are in it for the long haul. What they wouldn't do to fill every hour of every day and every corner of every way with things that are related to or remind them of cats; but, because that is not really how it works, they will settle for some insanely cool gifts that are meant to celebrate the cat lover in them.
If you have a cat lover in your life and you're thinking of gifting them something that is to do with cats, go through this list of cool gifts for cat owners. There's much to be bought, my friend, much to be bought.


There are so many types of gifts that run into so many different forms, you'll be spoiled for choice. We have covered most categories that you'd want to take a pick from. This one's going to be a tough one, you guys.

The 'see those cats peeking out of my books' Bookmarks

For those lovely people who love books and are crazy about cats, this is such an expected and welcome combination. Its success lies in its simplicity, don't you think? Imagine how soothing it will be to go back to a book that has a cat bookmark beckoning over them?
Do it for that feeling. These can be easily purchased online, they are simple enough to be made by hand as well. Print out a few cat pictures, stick on a cardboard and cut out the image to stick onto a pin.

The 'let's make some whiskers' Mug

This cuteness overload is just what you need to pour your morning brew in and sip leisurely while the cat whiskers and nose lend itself to your face. The 'that is sooo cute' comments that you'll receive from onlookers. Make this with a transparent glass, and position it in such a way that it does what we just said. And what if you can't buy it online?
Paint the whiskers on the mug yourself. This is bound to be one of the best gifts for kids who love cats. But that's not going to stop adults from getting one, is it?

The 'look who's sauntering all over my mobile' Cases and Covers

The millisecond frequency with which people whip out their phone these days makes this gift perfect at so many levels. Right? Right. What's amazing is that there are so many designs that you can go in for―the silhouette, the psychedelic cat, just the paws, the whole feline. Buy this off the net or get the cover made from one of the print shops.

The 'did someone say fish?' Peeking Cat Aprons

Isn't it the cutest thing?
It wins us all over with the bringing together of the two great worlds of cats and cooking and gives us something to go ooo and aah over. Give this fun gift to someone who tinkers about in the kitchen very often and has a lot of love to shower upon the feline world. Can't find a deal online? Print a favorite capture on a plain apron, and you're good to go.

The 'walking with my cat shoes on' Footwear

'Dyamn girl, where did you get those shoes?!' We're telling you, that's what's going to happen. We bet you won't be able to walk a few blocks without the world falling at your feet. And to keep things interesting, it's not just cat faces that you can go in for, there's all these designs that use the tail, the eyes, the ears. You name it.
So, if you're ever so inclined to own a pair of these, why not simply let your creativity run amock and paint cat figures onto the shoes? How's that for a personalized gift for someone?

The 'this cat has witty things to say' T-shirts

How about we give the funny bone in our body its due and find you funny gifts that combine this theme markedly well? Wear these tees that flaunt tongue-in-cheek messages for everyone to read and guffaw. There's a profusion of these all over the net, and all you have to do is pick your favorite one, find an image that goes with it, and get it printed.guffaw

The 'look how many cats I'm wearing' Jewelry and Accessories

Some of the cutest jewelry pieces are centered around the cat theme. That's right. There's earrings and watches, rings and pendants, brooches and bracelets, you name it and it's there, loaded with extra cuteness. So get ready, girls, and parade your loot for the whole wide world to see.

The 'isn't this so paw-cious' Key Chains

So much love is happening for this particular piece, you guys. It's craaazy. Tell me this is not the cutest thing you've laid your hands on. And there's more, of course. Raid the net for some exquisite pieces that run into the cute and the elegant, equally. Take your pick with one, maybe two, and just twirl about those keys with much attitude overload.
So, no, we do not think we have an obsession with everything cats, thank you very much, but that's not to say we won't welcome anything and everything that has cats right, left, and center. Get ready for some screeching and shouting, cause that's what's going to happen once that gift box is unwrapped.