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PAWsome Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Jhulin Bihari
Dog lovers can be easily identified in a crowd. They are always seen patting dogs of other owners. If you happen to be friends with such individuals, you can give them personalized gifts that highlight their love for pooches. They are crazy about things that remind them of their furry friends.
If you plan to gift your dog-lover friends something special, make their day by giving them dog-related gifts. Not only your friends but their furry canines too will appreciate your token of love. So, go ahead plan their gifts and get some friendly woof-woof in return.


You can gift pendants or lockets with their favorite dog pic inscribed or printed on it. We are sure dog owners are going to flaunt it proudly.

Coffee Mugs

A pair of coffee mugs with their pooch's image printed on it, seems appropriate doesn't it? The dog parents will be thrilled to sip coffee from these mugs.


What could make your friend more happy than gifting him/her something that screams out their canine love. You can gift them customized tees and pullovers with their dog's picture on it.

Shopping bags

Your friend is out shopping and missing her dog? Well, not a problem, gift them shopping bags with their dog's image or dog quotes printed on them. It's definitely going to lift their spirits.


Okay guys, it's time to get a little creative, gift your friend something homemade and unique. You can take normal slippers and paint dog paws or dog quotes on them.

Dog trainers

You can hire the services of a dog trainer for your friend's pooch. Your friend is sure to be on cloud nine when he finds his dog all geared up and active.

Dog kennels

It's time you gifted your friend's dog a beautiful and colorful kennel. This is sure to thrill not only your friend but his furry friend too.

Food bowls

Want your friend's dog to like you, then get the pooch a dog bowl with assorted dog food. The next time you visit your friend, you are sure to be greeted with some friendly barks.

Dog sitters

This is probably the best gift you can give your friend. Either you become his dog's sitter or hire a sitter. Get ready for big hugs.