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Margarita Gift Basket Ideas

Saptakee Sengupta
Your Margarita gift basket isn't ready yet? The party is waiting to begin and at the last moment you are still looking for some unique ways to revamp the basket. Have a quick look at the Margarita gift basket ideas explained in this article.
A Margarita gift basket is a warm and vibrant gift for friends and family. It's indeed exciting to decorate a liquor gift basket with tequila, cocktails, vodka and other essentials. The main theme revolves around the drink, Margarita, which is a tequila based cocktail, blended with vodka and lemons.
It serves as an excellent treat for housewarming, birthday and anniversary parties which are celebrated amidst fun and merriment. The liquor bottles are opened with a whoosh and you take random shots.
This is exactly how a Margarita party is celebrated. Such bashes are popular throughout the U.S. as Margarita madness. Therefore, the gift basket and its supplies should match up with the flavor of the party.
The gift basket should be spacious and sturdy enough to hold the bottles. You can either purchase the liquor bottles or make homemade recipes by concocting different flavors. The charm of a homemade basket is definitely more because it is a product of your creative instincts and love for the person to whom you are gifting. Here we give you some tips on creating a beautiful Margarita gift basket.

1. Jazz Up the Gift Basket

If you are potent in making gift baskets, then try your hand at it. Baskets made from wicker sticks and fine bamboos have a traditional appeal. Pots carved with wrought iron, copper and silver look much more vintage. You can also decorate clay pots with fillings and colors.
Bamboo baskets when enamored with satin ribbons, origami flowers and tutus look attractive. Copper and silver baskets are the best option for a semi formal Margarita party. Decorate it exclusively with vintage liquors and attach a few floral sticks to it.
You can wrap the basket with a silk piece or colorful cloth. Use fabric napkins for securing the supplies in the basket. Combine these elements perfectly and give an artistic touch to the Margarita gift basket.

2. Create the Margarita Theme

An ideal Margarita gift basket contains a galvanized bucket stuffed with Margarita and other types of drinks that could be blended with it. If you want to prepare the drink at the party itself, then fill the basket with all the necessary items.
They include Margarita mix, a cutting knife, liquor glasses, a medium-sized chopping board, Margarita salt, sugar and snacks. The best idea is to assort the basket with numerous flavors of Margarita, ranging from lemon, peach, mango, etc. Pack the basket with a bottle of tequila so that you can start preparing it immediately.
Create an ice bed at the bottom of the metal basket to keep the drink chilled. The Margarita theme, though remains the primary component of the basket, you can include other items as well. We explain them below.

3. Miscellaneous Supplies in the Basket

The authentic flavor of Mexican tortilla chips blends the best with Margarita. Spice up the chips with chili flakes, cheese and pepper and pack them inside the basket. Avoid making an ice bed when you are adding eatables in the basket. Instead you can stuff the ice cubes in canisters.
Salted peanuts, salsa and tangy Mexican dishes complement well with different flavors of Margarita. Jello shots and zests of lime are some bonus elements for the gift basket. You can substitute the tortilla chips with creamy, spicy potato chips, tangy crackers, finger chips and sausages.
A lavish Margarita gift basket is incomplete without liquor glasses, stirrer, salt rimmed slender glasses, shot glasses, punch bowl, serving tray, playing cards, palm tree stickers and a sombrero.
The choice of supplies depends on the size of the basket. A sombrero turned upside down could also be used as a gift basket but in that case you have to restrict yourself only to the Margareta theme. No matter what you use a basket, when the party begins with Margarita drinks served exotically on a tray, takes you to the highest level of enjoyment. Have fun!